Motherpeace Tarot anyone?

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Madame Squee 

I brought out my Motherpeace just a few days ago -- the call was irresistable, and I also ordered the Playbook just a few minutes ago.

The Motherpeace was one of the first Tarot decks I owned; it was so different, so revolutionary, and so relevant -- and I really think it still is.

I laid out a reading this morning concerning a bossy know-it-all in the office, and the Hierophant turned up to represent her. Perfect!
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motherpeace is wonderful, i use other decks, but i love motherpeace for it's ability to read "tilts". if the study ever gets off the ground, i will probably participate.
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I'd like to join

I've been working with the motherpeace deck for about 6 months and would love to join a study group...

Is it still going or is there a new one..if so then point me in the right direction please!

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Originally Posted by Seraphine View Post
I've been working with the motherpeace deck for about 6 months and would love to join a study group...

Is it still going or is there a new one..if so then point me in the right direction please!

This is still going although it seems that it's never actually got going and this seems to be the only thread that people post in.
Here is the index thread:
It looks as if 2 cards have been covered but lots of people say they want to study the deck.
My advice is to just start a thread on a card and see who joins in. Please let me know by private message when a new thread is started and I'll add it to the index.

Come on folks, if you want to actually study The Motherpeace deck please start posting .

Sulis - Tarot Study Groups moderator
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I want to attempt to use the Motherpeace as the center of my moon phase celebrations. Does anyone have any ideas of how to start a study group that would involve a 3 day activity/commitment for each new and full moon?
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New to this grp, love this deck! Blessings, Ianna
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Hi!! I'm reviving this thread because I've bought the Motherpeace deck and I'd love to study it with you guys.

I've searched the forum and only saw a study on two cards, the Fool and the Magician. Maybe it's time we finish the entire deck!!

I think the difficult part of this deck is that cards can have 4 positions!!! We could go through that too, don't you think?

Is anyone else interested?
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I use Motherpeace as my primary deck, so I might be, if there's more people... Otherwise I find it hard to stay focused and my life is really crazy recently
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I'm committing myself to posting threads on each card till the deck is covered, so I hope some of the people interested in this are still around to participate.
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I have always wanted to study this one...I have the large and the mini and one of the books. But I just started really getting into the Silicon Dawn. I wonder if I have the energy for both, lol!
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