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Originally Posted by SarahRose
I just got the pocket deck and it has the To All Believers card.

I left it in a tarot book at the library, a section of the book that was talking about being skeptical, etc. I figured - hey, maybe it will inspire someone.
Ooooh, neat! But I'll never give it up. When I got this deck, I set this card next to my ashtray, though quite carefully, to make it easy to look at it all the time. I figured as much that we were seeing Mary dead-on. So nice to hear a confirmation on that.
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Originally posted by Chronata
"I have the one from my original (lost) HR deck pinned to a bulletin board in my studio that also contains many other images that inspire me both creatively and spiritually.

My spouse says that the one time he met Mary Hanson Roberts she was this cool little hippie chick who was dressed ina similar style to the lady on this card."

I personally don't use this card when reading but some of the ways people do are inspiring. I'm wondering if this card is a picture of Mary Hanson-Roberts hrrself greeting all those readers who pick up the deck. Just a thought, because I've never met her or seen her photo.
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I recently discovered Tarot Dame's blog, she received the "To all believers" card in her daily readings, she used it intuitively adding one more card in the reading to see what's behind the curtain, whether we see inside or just came out from it.

Here are links to the readings so far:

Reading 1
Reading 2
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Originally Posted by Flavio
I recently discovered Tarot Dame's blog, she received the "To all believers" card in her daily readings, she used it intuitively adding one more card in the reading to see what's behind the curtain, whether we see inside or just came out from it.

Here are links to the readings so far:

Reading 1
Reading 2
I know I'm commenting on a year old thread, but I wanted to say thanks for posting those links!

When I first saw this thread I wondered what the "to all believers" card was. The HR deck I have doesn't have this card.

I know it probably wasn't your intent when posting, but I was very happy to be able to take a look at the card in those links. I like it & I'm almost disappointed that it was taken out of the deck I have.
"What's behind the curtain" is a great suggestion for using it in a reading.

(Story behind my HR deck: I'd been looking at decks & thought that the HR looked pretty nice & I might want to get that deck at some point. Well no more than a few days later, my bf found an HR deck (in the box, not shuffled, cards still in order) in the spare bedroom closet. My friend/ex-roommate must have left it there (after taking out the "to all believers" card apparently), but she's been gone for months now & the closet was empty when she left! And we'd both been in that closet several times since she moved & we never saw it.)
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i dont really see how it can be used in a reading so i take it out. its pretty to look at though.
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Originally Posted by sunflowr
Just wondering what you all do with the "To All Believers" card? I've thought of leaving it in with the rest of the deck and considering it like a "blank - unknowable" type card (like the blank rune). But I've also thought of using it as the significator. What do you think?
I use it as bookmark.
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That's funny...I didn't really think about what other people with the HR deck might have done with their 'To All Believers' card, though I thought the card was unusual or special when I first opened my deck. I keep mine on my nightstand as a visual reminder to stick with my tarot practice. I find it very encouraging and motivational.
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I don't use mine...in fact, I don't really use this deck anymore, I have the mini....but I keep it with the deck, as one of the "protective" top or bottom cards.
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Indigo Rose 

I have since framed mine, and put in my reading area.

She is just too cool.
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Mini HR with Believers card

For all believers who want a mini HR with the extra card:

Tarot to Go

This is a cute lil package with an actual hardcover book inside, not bad at all as these things go, plus deck with the Believers card, all for $7.95. The cards are roughly the size of a business card; the book is about 3"x4".

I used this deck to read at a Halloween fair for middle schoolers once... They (and I) loved it!
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