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Thumbs up thank you sooo much

thank you for this. I have the gilded tarot and I've been having trouble learning them and now I can finally learn them
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Thank you so much for this guide. I have the set coming next week and your guide has me even more excited to own my 2nd Ciro deck
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Marianna R 

Thanks too for the guide, it's really nice!
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Im new to Ciro's work after just getting the Gilded Royale - this guide is AMAZING! Thank you so so much!
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Originally Posted by inanna_tarot View Post
Im new to Ciro's work after just getting the Gilded Royale - this guide is AMAZING! Thank you so so much!
Me, too! Wow, thanks for the effort putting it together, arranging the necessary legal permission, and especially for sharing it.
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Secondwind, I just got the Gilded Tarot and I used to read other tarots using only my intuition but I think it is important to have some background and knowledge, so I thank you for sharing the guide I am sure I will learn so much, keep the great work!!!
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What a wonderful gift you have given to those that are just starting out on their journey of the Gilded Tarot. For myself I really enjoyed reading some of your notes; some that I have read a bit differently and others that you have opened my eyes to further insights. Thank you so much for your generosity, and thanks to everyone involved in allowing your guide to be shared.
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Thumbs up Study Guide from SecondWind

Thank you so much for the study guide. So very generous of you. I am new to the Tarot and this will be a big help!
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Thumbs up

Big thank to you bro ! (y), This guide is so helpful !
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BIG kudos for creating this study guide.
I did a return to my Gilded Tarot deck after close to a year of being absent from it, inspite of it's calling to do a reading at times.

All my Tarot and metaphysical study books are in a tight storage unit, so getting access to them is difficult. This guide is a excellent asset as I re-evaluate certain areas in my life.
Yes, I'm one of the few people who use the Tarot to read for one's self. The Tarot cards I use
know me (eerily) very well!

It's nice to check back in with Aeclectic Tarot again.

in spirit.. ~A~
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