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Zombie tarot - Three of Swords

Tis said, the best way to a man' s heart in the human world is through his stomach. In the zombie world, it is through the ribcage with a sharp knife. Hey at least they are open about it, so hopefully you get the chance to see the issue coming. If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you are asking for someone to come along and take a slice or two of it, so just be careful about not leaving yourself open to unnecessary heart ache. If it is too late, and the forks have already embedded themselves, take heart (no pun intended) in the fact the body has a way of numbing itself against extreme pain as a sort of self-preservation mechanism. So if you are hurting, it won't last forever. If it isn't hurting it may be good news or bad news time. Good news: you are through the worst. Bad news: the worst is yet to come. So, do you feel lucky? Or are the knives in the process of being sharpened around you.
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2 forks and knife is could be 2 people causing you this heart break.. with the fork sticking into the middle of heart it makes it hard to pump and move.. the tension moves through all your body making it hard to function at times.. also with the knife and tools could you be undergoing some sort of surgery here a piece being removed.. it will heal though it wasnt an important part of the heart.
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I don't think I'll be able to work with this card. I keep getting "Eat your heart out" every time I see it...
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