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Why do Scorpios hold grudges over pointless stuff to the extent its ridiculous?

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Darth MI 
Why do Scorpios hold grudges over pointless stuff to the extent its ridiculous?

Scorpio is not only infamous as the most vengeful sign but also the sign known to hold grudges for a VERY LONG TIME. In fact there is a common saying Scorpios can wait for years until the right moment to strike back.

What I CANNOT understand is why Scorpio personalities hold grudges for RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS of time!OVER MINOR ISSUES no one would care about! For example there is a common saying you make a remark intended as a joke to a Scorpio, not an insult, a Scorpio will keep it at the front of their minds for years and plan and plan for their moment of vengeance. In fact they may even end up USING PHYSICAL VIOLENCE to get their vengeance! Over a silly joke made YEARS AGO!!!!

As a Scorpio dominant, I admit having held grudges for years over something as a mere paperball thrown or being shoved in the hall way. And when I got my vengeance it was often disproportionate retribution. Say an insult to me that doesn't mean anything? I'll harass you for weeks. Throw a paperball at me? I will shove you at the hallway everyday I can get away with it.

Looking back in hindsight and when I read astrology's description I am really at a loss of words of how ridiculous it is!
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that is a pretty generalized and far reaching statement.
My husband, sister, and I are all Scorpios and none of us are grudge holders, just the opposite.

If you are ranting about one person say so.
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Not only can Scorpios be vengeful and calculating but very jealous and possessive too. Looking back, every man I was ever in love with was a Scorpio and one in particular was very vengeful but I think there is more to what builds or takes away from a person's character than what sign they were born under. There are other factors.

I hope you can find your peace.
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One of my best friends is a Scorpio... she's still mad I lured her onto the teeter-totter in kindergarten to cherry-bump her.
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Although overly generalized, these observations shouldn't be rejected out-of-hand. I have Scorpio rising and a tight 8th-House conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Venus in Cancer (with Uranus in late Gemini also very close). Following my freshman year in college, I worked all summer to pay for my sophomore year. Because I was working so much, I gave my paychecks to my mother to bank for me. Instead, she took every cent and spent it. Needless to say, I didn't return to art school that fall, and it completely redirected the course of my life. I wound up in the army and later took a degree in business management. This event (which in itself was probably set up more by 2nd-House Moon in Capricorn opposed the 8th-House conjunction and square Neptune) soured our relationship for years. Although we eventually reconciled, there was always an unspoken resentment there that precluded unqualified affection. The fact is - even if "revenge" was never truly exacted - I never forgot or completely forgave, although I have a more measured perspective on it after four decades.
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I agree that it's a sweeping generalisation. The trouble is that Astrology texts are full of such generalisations - short key word or key note descriptions, that are based in that phrase beloved of economists on the premise of Ceteris Paribus - all other things are equal.

Of course all other things are not equal, that's why we cast charts and look at the planets in terms of the houses they lie in, the signs they are in and the aspects they make (if any).

What's more that is nothing new. You'll find similar generalisations about either signs or configurations in texts dating back to the very foundation of the horoscope. It's virtually impossible to write a text on Astrology if you try and cater for every possible set of planetary dispositions that might occur with the one that you are focusing on.

Is there any truth in it? Well firstly from a traditional point of view, we'd be talking about people with Scorpio on the Ascendant, not the sign that the Sun is in. That puts it angular and it also makes Mars the Ascendant ruler. The planet that signifies you.

Scorpio is also a fixed sign - it is associated with a lack of change and staying power.

But above all Scorpio is Mars' natural house. It's a nocturnal sign and Mars is a nocturnal planet. Look to Mars being the dominant, not the sign.

I repeat though, The assumptions that underly the statement, rarely if ever hold in practice and if you simply have the Sun in Scorpio, then you are unlikely to be the sort of person described here, unless Mars is a dominant planet in your chart.

I have Scorpio angular (on the IC) and it's squared by its ruler, Mars. I have all four cardinal points in Fixed Signs, so yes I don't like change and I don't like changing or adapting myself.
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I can only speak for myself, but ,I am a Scorpio.

Yep , I do hold grudges. I've matured over my many years... Now , I do forgive, but sadly, never ever forget. I never engage in physical violence, but it can sweep through my mind- let me tell you. (I'm a workout junkie so I get it out there) I certainly consider pay back, but mostly I never follow through.. cause you know what, I'm more bark than bite. If I decide to bite, you'll know it!

When someone hurts me, its to the core.
"don't take it personally" doesn't exist. If you said to me, it must be personal. - otherwise put your filter on - don't say it.
I'm extremely private, and don't ever disrespect that. I do not take it well if you talk about something I told you privately.- enter the grudge.

I do however, have a great sense of humor, and yep you can poke fun here and there .. but yep, you might hit a topic that is sensitive to me and I will go quiet on you.

I think maturity is a huge milestone for Scorpios. Learning to tame the beast, is always a work in progress.

Good stuff about us!: When we love its completely. Scorpios do have a lot of nice qualities. We're Usually not considered unattractive, our eyes usually pull you in and we are honest, we are trustworthy and confidential and if you want someone to have your back.. oh we got it for you.
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Originally Posted by Jdance View Post

Good stuff about us!: When we love its completely. Scorpios do have a lot of nice qualities. We're Usually not considered unattractive, our eyes usually pull you in and we are honest, we are trustworthy and confidential and if you want someone to have your back.. oh we got it for you.
And this.... is what I fell in love with.
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So much of what you said Jdance is like me, I'm a Scorpio too, and we even have the same avatar!

I can be really devious working out revenge and payback, but mostly never follow through either. Luckily my moral side is stronger and wins out.
I remember the wrongs people have done me from years back, but now try to accept it happened and move on rather then dwelling on it like I used to. Forgive, yes, in time. Forget, mmmm.

At the end of the day, we're all different, but it is interesting how people with the same star signs can have similar traits.
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Heh, Scorpio here, too.

I've been known to hold grudges. Well, I wouldn't say they're grudges as much as I don't forget what people have done to me, either for good or ill. It's one thing to dwell on something, it's quite another to say, 'Yes, this was done to me, and I won't let it happen again,' and then you move on. I'd say I'm probably more in the second category.

I've got four planets in Scorpio. I've also got Leo rising. Even though Leo's empty, it's strong enough where most people who meet me, and sometimes even those who have known me for a long time, *swear* up and down I'm a Leo until they learn my birthday. >XD

The problem with sweeping generalizations like this is that they miss nuance. There's always a kernel of truth in stereotypes, but oftentimes it's just that--a tiny bit of truth. It's not the whole story.

@Barleywine: I would have had your mother charged with theft and/or fraud and tossed in the Big House for a long time. I also would have sued her for civil damages and never spoken to her again--but that's me. *sigh* What she did was theft, fraud, and just plain wrong.
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