Shapeshifter - Sorcerer (The Magician)

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Shapeshifter - Sorcerer (The Magician)

To me the Sorcerer represents a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world. He has mastered the elements and his connection to the Divine, as well as his shapeshifting ability. He knows all about eternity and reincarnation, having experienced it from many past lives, and has come full circle into being a human who has a supreme and sublime connection to the Divine due largely to hard work, study, and experience. He has a companion animal to help guide him in his travels through the physical and spiritual planes, and makes strong use of his abilities and knowledge.

He understands the full nature of the spirit, but also does not hesitate to understand the material and physical realm. He has become the dwelling place of Deity, of the Divine, becoming a bridge to help others connect as he has done.

I look forward to posting again when I am done with my study of this card and to see what it tells me.
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