Fairy Lights Ace of Wands

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Fairy Lights Ace of Wands

Not gonna lie, this card is EASILY one of my favorite tarot cards, not only in this deck, but of all time. The imagery just really speaks to me on quite a spiritual level. For those just reading along without the card in front of them - it shows a young, brightly shining tree growing out of an old stump under a dark sky.

Unlike most decks, I actually really like the LWB for this deck. I almost never use them extensively - I tend to read through it, then it gathers dust on a bookshelf or gets in the way in the tarot bag. But this one, I do like. It's like a little fortune cookie addition to the fabulous readings that the deck gives. "A tree of inspiration is growing from a seed planted long ago. Tend it well and draw upon its creative powers." I mean, that is just so cute. I love it.

My personal interpretion for this card is often "I am regrowing myself; and fertilizing that growth with the remains of my last self."
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