Night Sun Tarot - The Suit of Cups

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Night Sun Tarot - The Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups is dominated by water, a bright, bluish green color, and haloed, blond figures. I have heard that people think this is a dark deck. I do not feel so. That being said, this suit is the cheeriest suit in the deck to me. Flowers, love, and the aspect of new life dominate this suit. Most of the cards in this suit in some respect share traditional meanings. However, I stress this deck barely, if at all, depicts the RW meanings. The maker clearly uses his own meanings in Cups and it is easy to understand his intentions without consulting the LWB. For example, the 7 of Cups is clearly about meditation and contemplation. The LWB confirms that. One more thing, this deck raises the Knight higher than the King and the Queen, King, and Knight all have the same stoll on their cards.

The alchemical and astrological symbols of each card are noted as follows:

Ace - Water - a cup holding flowers

2 - Venus/Cancer - 2 haloed people, 1 male and 1 female each hold a cup while the freed caged heart of the High Priestess floats between them.

3 - Mercury/Cancer - 3 cherubs hold cups and pour water into the largest cup on the card. Resolution/Victory.

4 - Moon/Cancer - a young woman balances four cups. 1 in each hand, one on her back, and 1 on her foot.

5 - Mars/Scorpio - 3 rusty cups on a wall above a beleaguered looking man holding two cups. His left hand appears to have the blue paint that appears on the hands of some of the figures in the Major Arcana like on V The Lovers.

6 - Sun/Scorpio - a female has 5 cups strapped to her back while water pours into the one in her hand.
The past/renew.

7 - Venus/Scorpio - a male floats on top of the water on his back. He holds two cups while the 5 others float around him in the water, each evenly spaced apart.

8 - Saturn/Pisces - she holds two scales and balances 4 in each of them. The contents of the scales are smoking bearing a resemblance to VIII Justice.

9 - Jupiter/Pisces - A baby cherub is gestating in the water and is surrounded by 9 cups.
The LWB says motherhood.

10 - Mars/Pisces - 10 cup encircled by flowers and ivy floating in a doorway.
Happy home.

Page - Earth/Water - An angel bearing slight resemblance to the Temperance angel is standing in a pond.
Young student. Thirsting for the heart.

Queen - Water/Water - The blond, pregnant queen sits contentedly on a chair embracing her unborn child with one hand. The queen and chair look to be almost floating in water. The symbol for water floats above her head.
Motherhood - Nurturer of the Heart

King - Air/Water - The king sits on the same throne as the queen.
Master of the heart.

Knight - Fire/Water - Here the Knight is the only figure in this suit consuming the contents of his Cup. He too stands in a pond like the Page and wears a turbin. The halo is also there above his head as it is with all of the other figures of this suit.
Conquerer of the heart.

I am curious about the symbolism of the flowers in this suit.
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