favorite tarot novels?

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favorite tarot novels?

I love books that feature the tarot. I've read many that have been listed at the forum here, but wonder if anyone has discovered something new and wonderful? I'm reading Sepulchre by Kate Mosse for the second time, and loved The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Any ideas?
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I don't read the sort of fiction that might treat tarot as a plot feature, but I did once read several that were clearly based on tarot and pathworking: Roger Zelazny's old Amber sci-fi/fantasy series. Each of the nine Princes of Amber had his own private universe, and each one had a Trump card that could open a pan-dimensional doorway so he could travel the paths between the universes and drop in on the others (where he wasn't always welcome). They used their Trumps in much the same way that tarot Trumps are used for pathworking on the Tree of Life.
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Old: The Tarot Murders by Mignon Warner - kinda schlocky (1978)

Old: Lammas Night by Katherine Kurtz - excellent (1983)

Old: Tarot Fantastic - 16 short stories by 16 authors (1997)
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The Greater Trumps - Charles Williams 1932. Williams was one of the group of writers known as the Inklings, along with Tolkien and Lewis et al.
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'The Holy' by Daniel Quinn, Zoland Books 2002. Full of suspense and ambiguity.

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Castle of Crossed Destinies, but that one's been around for a while.
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John Sandford's Kidd series. I like the way he approaches tarot.

Also David Skinner's mysteries.
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Là-bas by J.-K. Huysmans, a nineteenth-century French novelist.


A handful of English translations, including one available to read here:


The table of contents gives the game away...

As well as being structured around the Major Arcana, we are given an insight into the fin de siècle French occultist scene, of which the author was a participant; characters Papus, de Guaita, Péladan, et al...

Note that there are only a couple of explicit references to Tarot in the novel itself, but the perceptive reader will note the parallels between the Tarot sequence and the chapter contents.
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Andromeda Klein (Frank Portman). BRILLIANT.
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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
Andromeda Klein (Frank Portman). BRILLIANT.

Bone Dance by Emma Bull. The plot is outlined on a Celtic cross reading done by one of the characters, for the protagonist. Good book that looks at issues of gender, personal autonomy, and community. Cracking good story, too.
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