What's the postman bringing? - Part 10

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I'm awaiting the Fifth Tarot. I'm excited to get this as it speaks directly to an area of element study I rarely see addressed in the Western paradigm, that of Ether, the fifth element, hence the deck's name. As such the deck has an extra suit bringing the card total to 22 Majors and 70 Minors.
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The Dream Enchantress Tarot along with Tarot: Shadow Work are on their way to me.
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I need a fatter letterbox...

I'm waiting for the wizards tarot...
tarot of the hidden realm...
the royo dark tarot...
and the faeries oracle. Met Brian Froud when I was little so when saw this I just had to. Alas the postie keeps missing me and can't wedge it through my door. Fingers crossed third time lucky
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Steampunk by B. Moore and the Earth Magic Oracle.
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i'm waiting for two decks at the moment.
The Linestrider tarot and the black lilly tarot. The linestrider can get here anyday now. the black Lilly has not been send yet and it will take almost a month before its here
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I must be crazy. I just had some money coming in and where did it go? where did it go???

To the divine Daniloff - I'm sure you all agree that was a wonderful idea.

And to the Il Lombardi Dannegiato by Duck Soup - a deck that, it seems, didn't tempt anyone until now and has no cult following ;-)

Does anyone here own it? I admit I'd have preferred the original Gumppenberg NeoClassical but since I can't have it, I'm going to try for the first time an artificially aged deck.

I'm crazy. I'm broke. I. Have. No. Money.
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The Il Lombardi looks pretty cool to me too.

I'm awaiting a copy of the DaVinci and the Babylonian.
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Il Lombardi! I covet it so much! Or Ancient Tarot of Lombardy, or Tarot Neoclassico, or really ANY deck with that set of images...ahh!

Today I got the Aquarian Tarot! It's beautifuuul. It's also in Italian, which I don't speak a lick of, but it's RWS imagery so whatever, I could identify the cards in my sleep.

And in the mail, on the way, I have the Dali tarot...which most people on here claim is unreadable, so of course I have to try.
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The Aquarian looks gorgeous, good for you! I may have to give that one another look.

Today, my Bohemian Gothic came in the mail, way before I expected it to arrive. I'm pretty stinkin' excited.

Also, not a deck, but a copy of Tarot Shadow Work by Christine Jette should be on it's way.
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Am waiting for a book to arrive, have ordered the - The Secrets of the Waite Smith Tarot by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin. It has had some brilliant reviews. Having ventured into the RWS tarot without much success, its been a bit of a love hate relationship! maybe this book will point me in the right direction.
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