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I suppose we should have at least one major arcana in our group lol.

The naked couple are holding hands, the woman looking up towards the sky (heavens?) and sees a spirit of another woman looking down smiling

LWB = seeing a greater view of all

I love this card. The lovers isn't normally a particulary favourite card of mine as I tend to find them a little soppy and stereotyped. This one though I like.
The spirit in the sky is either of the woman herself or perhaps an ancestor. She looks a little older than the woman, but it could be a future representation.
One of the reasons I like this card is the sexuality in it. The couple are naked and there is no awkward posing so as to hide the genitals which normally happens. It is very free, youthful and mystical. To me it really does encapsulate "lovers"
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I like the Nudity in his card also, it is some what freeing, this cards usually relates to a choice, but if it is about a love question then I would see this as a very fortunate card to turn up in your reading. Soulmates come strongly across with this card, the woman above could very well be the Goddess and the woman looking up at her is giving the Goddess her thanks for bringing her soulmate to her. There is alot of yellow in this card which to me means good communication.
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