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Saturn return stories

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I'm due for one of these soonish. Born December 1986, so my Saturn is in Sagittarius and in my tenth ... and I'd read it as conjunct my MC and Mercury as well???

So obviously, this is the perfect time to chuck up my boring job to go back to grad school for a PhD in history. Oy. I wonder how this is going to turn out.
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I was very unhappy at an office job I had held for five years and decided to take another better paying job. I was about 30 during the transition. The next position was better paying, but that much more miserable. During the Saturn transit, it was passing over my sun, moon, Mercury, on the cusp of my 10th house which is ruled by Taurus. I was truly unhappy, and as low as could be, emotionally, just drained. So on the advice of my mother, a hairdresser, I entered beauty school. I felt I just had no other options in my life and I had to do something. By the time Saturn finished its transit, I was a licensed hairdresser. This was 15 years ago, I'm still learning and still a hairdresser and very content. So my first return brought me my profession under rather unpleasant circumstances that gradually improved.
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I'm going through my first Saturn Return noooooooooow I'm not a total astro novice, but I'm still not really proficient at it so I got myself a saturn return forecast, and am glad I did.

I'm aware what my 'lessons' are, I've got some milestones to look forward to in terms of 'semesters', 'examination periods', and 'student placements', and a sneak peek of my future (apparently I'm enrolled in self-love and relationship courses at the moment, but career and education will always be rosy and apparently family and travel feature highly too).

I DO believe in Saturn Returns - this has been shaking up my life big time. Someone before said 'kill or cure' and I think that's a good way to put it. At the same time, I feel like I'm going through a lot of growth, and that's a good thing (but it's nice to get some reassurance too, because it's scary and daunting to be 'tested' for such a long time!).
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I thought I was feeling it before, I thought I was going fine! Things do just keep getting worse (or so it seems in the middle of it all!!)!

Although, Saturn return is now being my scapegoat - I feel almost like I'm an objective outsider playing a video game. Everytime something goes wrong in my life I'm like "damn this Saturn return game, I'm determine to level up and move ahead". *plots new course of action*
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