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Sirian Starseed Tarot anyone?

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Originally Posted by earthair View Post
Please can someone find their Lovers card... now turn it over and have a look at the back- is the entire white border on the right hand side missing/printed too far over?
Nope, mine has almost equal white borders on all sides, face and back.
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Originally Posted by BlueLotus View Post
Nope, mine has almost equal white borders on all sides, face and back.
Originally Posted by rwcarter View Post
The border on the right side is about equal to the border on the left side of the back of the Lovers card in my deck.

If it's not a batch thing then I'll return it.
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A mention of this deck in another thread caused me to have another look at the cards here on AT (seems the creator's site isn't there anymore) and I've been seriously enabled. I liked the images I saw before, but now they really resonate. I do hope I can find a copy somewhere!

I doubt I'll ever buy into the concept behind the deck, and I doubt I'd use it for anyone other than myself, but I can see it as a marvelous meditation tool, and a good reading tool too; I can very easily relate these cards to the usual meanings, only take them a step or two further.
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