What books do we each have?

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a few tarot books from my library --

The Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol I..II.,III. by Stuart Kaplan
The Tarot of the Magicians by Oswald Wirth
A Renaissance Tarot by Brian Williams
The Tarot of the Bohemians by Papus
The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A. E. Waite
Evolution through the Tarot by Richard Gardner
The Tarot Path to the Self Development by Micheline Stuart
The Royal Road by Stephan A. Hoeller
The Bible & the Tarot by Corinne Heline
Tarot Taizen by Izumi Ryuichi
Yeats, Tarot and the Golden Dawn by Kathleen Raine
The Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley
The Book of Tokens by Paul Foster Case
The Tarot by S.L.Macgregor Mathers
The Magical Ritual of Sanctum Regnum by W.Wynn Westcott
The Isiac Tablet or the Benbine Table of Isis by W.Wynn Westcott
A Wicked Pack of Cards by Decker, Depaulis & Dummet
A Histroy of the Occult Tarot by Decker & Dummet
An Introduction to the Golden Dawn Tarot by Robert Wang
The Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang

Qabalistic works which deal with Tarot indirectly are excluded, such as Gray or Knight.
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I am so envious of the extensive tarot libraries I've seen on this thread! As an unrepentant bibliophile, I'm practically drooling. I've only been doing tarot for a month, and I already have six books. They are:

--Tarot for Dummies by Amber Jayanti. The first one I bought. I love her relaxed style, but I confess I skipped the chapters on the Qabala, numerology, astrology and alchemy. I do plan on going back to those, but I wanted to learn the basics first.

--Tarot for Your Self by Mary Greer. Slowly working my way through this one. Doing the exercise on lifetime year cards literally had me shaking when I realized how all the stages of my life have matched up perfectly with my ten-year tarot cycles.

--Power Tarot by Trish MacGregor and Phyllis Vega. Over 100 spreads! Woo hoo! Plus I like how they provide different interpretations for different categories of questions (i.e work, romance, health, etc.).

--Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning. Tried to do this course online and save myself the 20 bucks, but it's just not the same. I need the paper.

--Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis. My latest purchase. This will be a good look-it-up type of book, plus I like the fact that he uses the Robin Wood deck for illustrative purposes. That's the deck I use for my personal tarot work.

--The Gilded Tarot Companion by Barbara Moore. Came with my Gilded Deck as part of the set. A little slim.

Of course, my wish list far exceeds my collection, but I'll get there. Especially if I keep up the pace of six books a month........

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Originally Posted by elysgrl
--Tarot for Your Self by Mary Greer. Slowly working my way through this one. Doing the exercise on lifetime year cards literally had me shaking when I realized how all the stages of my life have matched up perfectly with my ten-year tarot cycles.

I really know what you mean Denise. I am working my way through that book now too. :-)

I felt the same way about the lifetime year cards as you did. I could not beleive how much the past 5 years were so exactly what my life brought to me. And the next few years are telling me the same things that my Tarot readings have been saying will happen all along.

I have done a few for friends at work too, and they all seem so accurate. Even one who met her currect boyfriend last year and fell in love, last year was "The Lovers" for her.

It's got me amazed now. BTW, I am currently reading another book by the same author, that she coauthored with Tom Little called "Understanding the Tarot Court". I would highly recommmend this one too.:-)

All my best,

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What Books Do You Have?

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Good idea for a thread. I have the following:

Jung and Tarot:an Archetypal Journey - Sallie Nichols
Learning the Tarot - Joan Bunning
Pictures fromthe Heart:a Tarot Dictionary-Sandra Thompson
Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom - By Rachel Pollack
Tarot Tips- Ruth Ann Amberstone
Tarot for Beginners- P Scott Hollander
The Tarot Companion- Tracy Porter
The Tarot Workbook - Nevill Drury
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I haven't had much time to look through alot of my books because of my schedule, but they have for the most part gave me some insight.

Bunning, Joan. Tarot Reversals. I like this book because it doesn't look at reversals as total opposite to the upright meanings, but as energy that needs to be redirected. Very Good.

Gray, Eden. A Complete Guide to the Tarot
I used to look at it alot when I first started out, but now it's in the bookshelf gathering dust. I feel as if it's too simple and gives too many cut-and-dry meanings.

Lenard, Lisa, and Tognetti, Arlene. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tarot and Fortune-Telling. Very helpful, and both authors do a great job of walking the "complete idiot" through alot of the symbolism and concepts behind the cards. I also like how it covers other systems such as numerology and tea leaf reading. However, it focuses too much on RWS, and does not mention Crowley or Thoth ANYWHERE, which I find a bit odd. I understand that RWS is universal, but it mentions only the decks published by U.S. Games, and skips other companies...I know there is a second edition available that covers Tarot specifically, but I haven't the funds to check it out.

Lionnet, Annie. Secrets of Tarot. This is a great little book for those who are completely new to Tarot. It covers card meanings and the history of Tarot briefly, and does have pictures of cards from many different decks. However, Lionnet is not a Tarot expert. She studied astrology, and became interested in Tarot while pursuing her diploma. She obviously did alot of research, but I would prefer to read a book by an expert.

Peach, Emily. Understanding and Using Tarot. It is helpful, but I feel as if it's very dry. Peach gives the reader outdated and superstitious tips on handling the cards, like "If your friends want to handle and examine Tarot cards then(and they will, if they see you and examining yours!) then they must buy a Deck of their own." Although she says that you don't have to follow convention, this is in a way probably going to turn people off from the Tarot because people already have their own preconceived notions.

Warwick-Smith, Kate. The Tarot Court Cards. I like how she tries to help us visualize ourselves in each court card, and helps us understand them better by recognizing who in our lives have qualities similar to each archetype in the cards.

I would love to purchase more books, but I don't have time or money, so this is why my library is rather small right now.
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I currently have:

-Complete Illustrated Guide to Tarot, by Rachel Pollack
-Tarot for Self-Discovery, by Nina Lee Braden
-Tarot for Your Self, By Mary Greer
-The Goddess Tarot Workbook, by Kris Waldherr
-Complete Book of Tarot Spreads, by Evelin Burger and Johannes Fiebig
-The Gendron Tarot, by Melanie Gendron
-The I Ching-The Book of Changes, translated by James Legge (Okay not really a Tarot book, but I bought it to give me more info in the I-Chings featured in my Haindl deck)
-The Haindl Tarot-The Minor Arcana, by Rachel Pollack
-The Haindl Tarot-The Major Arcana, by Rachel Pollack
-Haindl Tarot-a Readerís Handbook, by Rachel Pollack
-Tarot for Your Self-a Workbook for Personal Transformation, by Mary K. Greer
-The Loverís Path Tarot, by Kris Waldherr
-Tarot Shadow Work, Using the Dark Symbols to Heal, by Christine Jette
-A Magical Course in Tarot, by Michelle Morgan
-Understanding the Tarot Court, bu Mary K. Greer and Tom Little
-The Wheel of Change Tarot, by Alexandra Genetti
-The Ancestral Path Tarot, by Tracy Hoover
-The Book of Thoth (Egyptian Tarot), by Aleister Crowley
-Tarot for Self Discovery, by Nina Lee Braden
-The Crowley Tarot-the Handbook to the Cards, by Aaron-Hajo Banzhaf
andThe Forest of Souls, by Rachel Pollack

The only two I have not yet gotten around to reading are: Tarot and Individuation-Correspondences with Cabala and Alchemy and The Book of Thoth (Egyptian Tarot).

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In my collection are

-- Seventy-Eight Degrees (Pollack)
-- Jung and Tarot (Nichols)
-- Tarot Spreads (Michelsen)
-- Tarot for Beginners (Hollander)
-- many books that came with decks
-- a Crowley book downstairs that I cannot remember the name of!
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Originally Posted by SunChariot
I currently have:

andThe Forest of Souls, by Rachel Pollack

What did you think of The Forest of Souls? I've read Seventy-Eight Degrees and I love Pollack's style. Does FoS offer a lot that is new?
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Updated regularly - Not in any particular alphabetical or other order
Last updated on Aug 20, 2005
  • Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom - Pollack, Rachel
  • Tarot for Your Self - Greer, Mary
  • Tarot Spells - Renee Janina
  • Tarot, Your Everyday Guide - Renee Janina
  • Tarot for Beginners - Hollander, P. Scott
  • Tarot, Plain and Simple - Louis, Anthony
  • Tarot for Dummies Jayanti, Amber
  • Tarot Made Easy -ebook - Garen, Nancy
  • Living The Tarot - Jayanti, Amber
  • The Crowley Tarot, The Handbook to the Cards - Benzhaf, Akron-Hajo
  • Learning the Tarot - Bunning, Joan
  • Understanding the Tarot Courts - Greer, Mary
  • The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals - Greer, Mary
  • Learning Tarot Reversals - Bunning, Joan
  • Forest of Souls, A Walk Through the Tarot - Pollack, Rachel
  • Tarot Tells the Tale- Ricklef, James
  • Pictures from the Heart, A Tarot Dictionary - Thomson, Sandra
  • Way of the Great Oracle, The Voyager Tarot - Wanless, James
  • Tarot for Self Discovery - Braden, Nina Lee
  • Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads - Michelsen, Teresa
  • Past Life and Karmic Tarot - McCoy Edain, Greer Mary K.
  • A Magical Course in Tarot - Morgan, Michele
  • The Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. IV - Kaplan, Stuart
  • Putting Tarot to Work- McElroy, Mark
  • The Smart Girl's Guide to Tarot- Fredericks, Emmi
  • Tarot in Ten Minutes - Kaser R.T
  • The Complete Tarot Reader - Michelsen, Teresa
  • The Mystical Qabalah - Fortune, Dion
  • Tarot as a Way of Life, A Jungian Approach to the Tarot - Hamaker-Zondag, Karen
  • The 2-Hour Tarot Tutor - Wilma Carrol
  • Art and Arcana - Decker, Ronald
On their way:
  • Tarot for a New Generation - Renee Janina
  • Tarot, Get the Whole Story- Ricklef, James

In addition to most accompanying books to decks that come as sets .
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