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Cool! Ok, I'll keep on to keep on checking for new songs!
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Something else that is interesting about what we've been talking about.

I've noticed that the power path is predominantly fire-air cards, if you assign elements, and that the learning path is predominantly air-water, and the spiritual path as water-earth. Now, you can already tell that the power path is very masculine, and the spiritual path is very feminine.

If you look at the power path and learner path, the power path is very extrovert, and the learner path is very introvert. Then again, the learner path is very comformative, and the hermit is a very introvert card (as well as the hanged man), so perhaps the spiritual path is more introvert, which would make more sense. The power cards show best show what personalities they are.

Power path-Chariot-Thinks inwardly, but acts (for lack of a better word) outwardly-extrovert
Learner path-Strength-Adaptable and comforamative-whatever the people around them are. Don't really emphasize councsious or subcounscious, or power or thought so much unless people around them are.
Spiritual path-Hermit-Thinks outwardly, but acts inwardly-introvert.

As for astrology, how the planets relate to the chakras, I can't agree with any of the systems, really.
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78 Degrees of Wisdom


I came across your thread about a year ago and must say that it got me thinking about the concept of "Tarot as Living Beings"

I was reading a book called 78 Degrees of Wisdom and on page 22 and 23 the author speaks about looking at the Major Arcana just like you have. I thought you'd want to check it out

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Hey there!

Last week I read this thread from start to finish. It took me a couple of days haha!

I got really excited and tried to link new stuff to what was already proposed but haven't come up with anything interesting enough yet. It's still on my mind though!

I don't have quite a lot of decks to try it with but for Rider Waite and similar ones it does work and make sense to me.

Hopefully the exchange will eventually resume and I hope I can bring anything new to it.

Until then I encourage everybody to read this thread, it's really quite fascinating

ETA : Indeed while doing some research I also came to the conclusion that 7 is a number commonly found in esoteric and religious stuff. Unfortunately not all of them could be easily applied to tarot, but still an interesting fact.
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Thanks from Seven Stations

As the forum is about to be locked down into archival status, I want to thank everyone who participated in this thread over the years, making it (outside of Mods' Notes) one of the top 20 most-viewed threads out of over 16,000 in this category.

For those interested in the 7 stations deck being developed based on this theory, I've resumed working with the artist after a long hiatus. Those who are interested in some of the art, poetry and discussion of the 7 Stations are welcome to visit our Facebook page at


I can't believe it's been almost ten years since I had the "Epiphany" that inspired this thread, and I cannot thank you all enough for the encouragement you gave me along the way. Special thanks to Rodney Carter for his steadfast encouragement and support over the years, to Mary Greer for her brief participation here and the major inspiration she provided throughout my life as a student, artist and collector of tarot, and especially to Solandia for having provided this treasured community for all of us.

I'm sure that the community will continue to find joy and inspiration from the archives here for many years to come.

Bright Blessings, health, hope and happiness to you all.

- dangerdork 12 July 2017

(Martin Boso)
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I am so very glad to see you and hear that the deck will progress! Of Course, I Must Have One! But I am not on facebook. Sending you a pm ...
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