Modern SpellCaster’s - 20, Judgement.

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Modern SpellCaster’s - 20, Judgement.

- CERRIDWEN is the Welsh Goddess of rebirth and transformation, stirring a great CAULDRON in which she made a magical brew to give her son wisdom (in compensation for his ugliness apparently ! Lol).
..To be stirred for a year-and-a day…
(The amount of time that a seeker for a coven usually spends in supervised study before initiation into it).

- The Cauldron in Wicca represents knowledge and inspiration.

- Here I see an inevitable evolution into something new following on from the sum of ones experience (all that stuff in the cauldron, the burning fires of transformation). Not comfortable, but needful.
The TRIPLE MOON (The Goddess' "Holy Sign") is on the front of the cauldron - Maiden (waxing), Mother (full) and Crone (waning) - a natural cycle, and a parallel for the sum of experience.

- The TWISTED TREES are huge. Strength and large size over long experience (at a stately pace. All things in their own time).

I’m reading in the book, that this card is good for crossing-over rituals for the dead - facilitating the transition of the newly deceased.
Looking at the imagery - I rather like that and agree with it…

“Fly Spirit, soar high above… deep into the darkest space.
Find your way back to the Mother - the Sacred place from whence you came”

(The giant hand with a wand?)
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