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Modern SpellCaster's - Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles shows a squirrel sitting next to a large silver pentacle.
Link to a photo I took here

Some of the ground ivy is climbing up over the Pentacle and the Squirrel looks ready for action. He's not just hanging out.. he's sort of ready to jump.. but also, not in a "OMG YOU SCARED ME" way.. more of a "OK LET'S ROLL!" kind of way. I feel this brings the energy of forward motion and excitement to this card.

I'm super fond of this card for a few reasons. Aces never really spoke me me.. they are some of the cards I struggle with, in all honesty. But the Aces in this deck are singing to me.

I love a squirrel.. tenacious and bold, chatty and exuberant, working to build up the "emergency fund". My Grandmother always said, if you want to know what kind of winter you will have, see how fat the squirrels tail is. The fatter the tail, the colder the weather. These guys are always prepared and have a bit extra tucked away. Never caught short of "funds" and always planning ahead. We used to feed the squirrels at our old place and they often left us "gifts". Once I found half a loaf of bread on our windowsill!

The forest is LUSH with greenery. Here in the US our money was "green" for a long time (sort of still is) so having a lot of "green" meant you had a lot of money.
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They're rare here now (in Britain). Been ousted by the grey ones which were imported in.
The image certainly speaks of a strong connection to nature for me and being "grounded".
Being sustained and stable.
...Have I happened across this little guys secret stronghold?
As i've decided it's a red squirrel, I can extend that interpretation to "the knowing of the home base" and where one's roots are.
[color-yellow]"The elemental powers of earth"[/color] (*spoken in a resounding voice for spellwork*) - where have I come from? and what does it mean to me?

The STONE PENTACLE has a Celtic feel to me - I think of Celtic knot work art - and of the surviving stonework that I've seen - as well as the peaceful walking holidays I've been on in places where such things can be found. Always with the green rolling hills - and the "forever" feel of the landscape.
The idea of "everything being connected" in these never ending Celtic patterns comes to mind, and also the artwork being from a past culture - brings the thought of connection to my past, my ancestors. Back again, to "where have I come from, and what does it mean to me?".

It also makes me think of a shamrock and luck

... Shamrocks represent a trinity (Christian) - already rife in Pagan spirituality.
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