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Modern SpellCaster's - 7 Of Cups.

So - the 7 PLANETS are floating out of these cups.
I like that! a lot!
Surely speaks of having “all the worlds to choose from - but which one???”. And they're all ethereally floating there - not quite substantial, like illusion.
And the “desire that lies at the centre of everything (TRIANGLE WITHIN THE SQUARE) floats above these. Makes me think of that undefined inner feeling of "aaaargh, what is it that I must do? or how can I do it?" in this instance.

The TURTLE - perhaps suggests having the patience to take the time to decide/choose.
Or allow things to become clear.

Apparently this card can be used to invoke an element of fantasy in spellwork - bring luck in manifesting your wildest dreams…

Hmmm - I rather like that too - and hadn’t quite thought of it in this way.
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