Modern SpellCaster’s - 4 Of Swords.

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Modern SpellCaster’s - 4 Of Swords.

Well - an intriguing card! Lying in the snow like that with an air of surrender - this chap will catch his death. The WOLVES might just be waiting to eat him up! Lol. They represent fear and instinct - and he looks to me like he’s feverishly praying…
Oh dear.

I don’t know what these red ribbons mean.
I’m surprised to find that the modern looped red ribbon, represents the prevention of illegal drugs, drunk driving, and solidarity with people who are victims of HIV.
Well - that could all fit nicely into this card I think.

I’ve never thought of this card as “death of a person, project or idea”.
Flagging energy yes - but never quite that final.
Well - I am entertaining it now with this image…
“Spiritual morose and being dead to emotion” - yes.
“Oversleeping and lucid dreaming” - no. More intriguing.

Apparently can be used to aid lucid dreaming and prophetic dreams
Hmm. I should experiment…
I am a lucid dreamer in color - what might this card add with some inventive suggestion on my part??

I’ll let you know if anything happens.
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