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Modern SpellCaster’s - 2 Of Cups.

Dripping with ROMANCE - is it not??

The Red and the Blue ROBES - hot and cold, in a relationship. (we all know about that - right? ).
The opposites of race, (blonde and Afro black) - opposites attracting.
One has a BELT with a pattern like intertwined snakes heads - reflections of Yin and Yang, two sides that make up the same whole. The other, a belt with a pattern of the triple moon. Cycles of emotion. Connection. The empathy of water. Lady moon, Lady love.
These two chaps look like they’ve just signed a pact and are
toasting it. Are they celebrating an anniversary? - pledgeding undying love forever?

To the left, a TURTLE for a safe relationship, a FISH and a FROG swimming alongside each other…
“The frog sings the songs that bring the rain, and make the dirt road more bearable” - mutual emotional support. Frog teaches us to honour our tears - a process of cleansing.
STILL CLEAR WATER in which they both swim - “Still water runs deep”?

Young FERNS are uncurling round the couples feet. Ancient knowledge and the realm of the pixies.
And in a green and luscious VALLEY with mountain peaks on one side, fenced off by the river on the other, covered over by a tree - this couple are “in their own world” together.

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