Modern SpellCaster’s - 18 Moon.

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Modern SpellCaster’s - 18 Moon.

The MOON is huge - bearing down on the land with her maiden and crone counterparts on either side of her. She’s overwhelming.
She’s weeping too. Perhaps representing those overwhelming tides of emotion sometimes experienced and wrestled with. And her surface may suggest a screaming face - reminiscent to me, of that famous painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch, expressing a moment of insanity.
She is powerfully illuminating the path into the distance however.
So gaze deeply into the abyss within - there, will be revealed your innate and secret powers. The light, perhaps - which you fear to let shine.

A Duschhound, an interesting take on the control of the wild underbelly of emotion. Stubby little legs cannot run far.
There’s a CUBE between the Wild Wolf and his highly DNA tweaked cousin.
Boundaries and limitations. Perhaps the unconscious hold we have over our inner lives and subconscious mind. The bits that we don’t know, that we don’t know - about ourselves.

The crayfish has an ANKH on it’s back. Everlasting life rises out of the underbelly of the dark water.”The bigger the breakdown, the bigger the breakthrough” comes to mind. And also - all things crawling out of the primordial soup.

Good card for concealing magick
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