The Tarot of Vampyres:The Wheel (split from Tarot Decks)

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Ok, been looking at the Wheel today... heres my thinkerings folks.
The wheel of fortune, the Wheel (of the Year in Pagan decks), a symbol of lifes ever changing nature. Nothing is static. Yet, here we have a Wheel that seems purely decorative. A wheel stopped at the wrong point - if we think of people wanting to become vampires to preserve their youth and beautiful, stopping Time itself..

So... How does the Wheel of Fortune and Fate, of the phases of life, really REALLY apply to those that live forever? When all they have is Time to watch consequences ride out and balance to restore, watching empires rise and fall, how do you honour change when your bodies dont age or grow after the immortal kiss?
But yet the Wheel is in gorgeous garden, cherished and tributes left by the Undead in the form of beautiful flowers of every shade. The vampires seem to be adoring this shrine,worshipping the Changes they can only now observe in the world around them, the trees, their friends and families growing old, having children, dying... and they are not be part of this 'dance'. This shrine is kept like that of a dear loved one long lost but never forgotten. The colours are of a deep sadness within the vampires, about that which honours how precious Life, Change and its Fortunes really are
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I'm just adding a scan of the card.
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Perhaps it is the endless cycle of fortune, a wheel that never ceases turning, they go through endless cycles of metaphorical rebirth
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