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What's the Postman Bringing? Part 14

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I have a Tarot of the Bastard and the way. The Distant Tarot and the LE Tarot of Prague on the way as well. I also have the Rana George Lenormand on order.
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The postie arrived an our or two ago, with lots of tinned delights for me.

The Barbara Walker, The Sun and Moon (just in case I run short of artificial light!), and the Wonderland. All in tins.

I live in wonderland most of the time, anyway.

I love Tarot-parcels.
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I love tarot parcels too!

I'm waiting on Dame Darcy's mermaid tarot, I've been trying to resist buying it for a couple of months now and finally gave in. Now i'm just hoping it arrives before I leave for a week on Friday!
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Le Fanu 

That bargain Tarot Wisdom kit which comes with a hybrid Gumppenberg/Marseilles/pip deck.

Also waiting for a 1st edition Sheridan Douglas.
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Began with the Navigator's Tarot of the Mystic Sea.

I was obsessed with the art and sent an e-mail to an art site asking if they knew where to find prints. The actual artist and writer wrote me back and is sending me original oil paintings for death, suspension, king of swords and ace of swords (all the happy feel paintings were sold but it works because these are meaningful to me). Mail delivery has never been so exciting!!

Added to tarot deck collection with the following in the past several weeks...
* Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson - in love with the black/white and symbolism
* John Holland Psychic Tarot - wanted something for straight forward simple energy
* Osho Zen
* Wild Unknown

....will now take a break from shopping and dig in and learn, learn, learn.
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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
By now I'm again waiting for SOOO many decks! The trimmed Deviant Moon (the UPS tracking says it's right here but the lethargic post lady just said: come again on Sunday and I'll give it to you!!!) (doesn't she know I'm a Taurus and that might be one wait too many...???), the Constellations tarot, the Enchanted Lenormand, three decks in a tin (Sun and Moon, Aquarian, Wonderland), and to my mother's address in Europe Tyldwick and Silson.

What do say to that??? Can't wait!
In addition to all this goodness, now I can also start the wait for the Kissa tarot! Thanks to Hedera!
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I have the UnderSea Tarot coming to me! I hope it helps my missing the beach days! lol

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Julian Jaymes 

Gosh darn my impulsiveness! The Starchild Tarot is now on its way to me.

AND I'm ordering the Thelema in a couple days...

The cool part is, I can actually afford all this now because I quit smoking, so I have roughly $100 more per month as spending money.
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My Golden Thread arrived today and I love how full of humor it is, my goodness. And a nice amount of cross-cultural symbolism, too. What a fun deck.

The Marshmallow Marseilles and Universal Mind should be on their way to me too.
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I just ordered the Elora Tarot. I don't usually buy collaborative decks, but this one looks really well done. I like most of the images I've seen so far.
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