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6 of Cups clarified by Death

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6 of Cups clarified by Death

Not clear to me which interpretation I would consider for these two cards. Deck used was Mythic Tarot.

Question was: Where would he like this relationship to go? (These two are friends, with a sexual past, no bad blood between the two, remained distant friends though).

1. He would like to leave the relationship in the "past", not wanting to revisit past experiences with his person, clarified by death... Something has to end for something new to begin..

2. He wants the fun, comfort times of the past that these two shared, or wanting to revisit this, but with Death, the past cannot be relived, its ended, so new beginnings with this woman, as in he wants the relationship to be a comfortable, fun, loving, different from what they once had or more involved....

3. He wants from this relationship the feeling of love, comfort, 'home'. For this to happen the current or old relationship status has to end in order for this new 'wanting' to begin..

4. He would like her to return (6C) into his life to start something new (Death).

The other cards in the spread were all positive in saying that his perception of her is 'changing' (HM) and he is 'waiting to see' (7P) what will happen. End result is a seed of new beginnings (AC).

Clarification would be much appreciated. Thank you all.
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Join Date: 04 Mar 2017
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Not all the cards in the spread

Also these are not all the cards in the spread.

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