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The Thelema Tarot for me, because I won this in the Subscriber chat forum, my first and only time I ever won something, its such a sweet gentle deck and gives me great readings. actually no I did win a tarot bag and matching cloth years ago and I can't remember who from or why now!
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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
She knows; she has posted on FB, I am told.
oh good, TY. You and I will never see that FB post....
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oh gosh...all of them? I think the Tarot of Prague was first coming out when I joined?

so many many memories...
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Originally Posted by delizt View Post
oh gosh...all of them? I think the Tarot of Prague was first coming out when I joined?

so many many memories...
Right! So many...It is very difficult to choose one or even 10!

The first ones that stand out in my mind, though are all the MRP decks--especially Bohemian Gothic Silver and Bohemian Gothic Gold--mostly because of all the trials and tribulations i went through in order to acquire them!

Next i would say--all of the decks we watched being created by some of our dear AT family:
Our dear Chronata/Robyn Tisch-Hollister's decks; Seven Stars; Maree Bento/ladybird;
Lynard Narcisco; Edmund Zebrowski/starlightexp; Kat Andrews/Bayliss; Anna K; Ash; Freder; Tarotlyn; i could go on and on...

Some we even had a hand in critiquing...Those were VERY special days, and i will
always be grateful for them and cherish the memories deep within my heart!
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Owl Song 

So many decks associated with AT.

The beautiful Paulina Tarot was a breakthrough deck for me. I did quite a few readings with it in the exchange forum and I feel like I really grew as a reader working with the Paulina, simply by doing readings here -- for my fellow AT-ers.

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Tarot of a Moon Garden, beacause I was so stubborn in using it in he beginning when I was learning here. Fantastic Menagerie, because it was my break-through deck.
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Holly doll 

I have two:

The Tyldwick Tarot - it always reminds me of taking a journey through a stately manor house with many rooms, where you aren't sure who will be behind the door... Just like perusing the AT threads

Seven Stars Samhain Deck of the Bastard - The eyes opened, the wallet emptied; thanks to the Enabling Thread... A blend of so many voices - just like the AT members
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When I first came to AT Ciro Marchetti was working on his Gilded Tarot and there was a long running thread anticipating the deck's release. That was my first experience of "buzz" around a deck, and seeing an art style through other people's eyes in that way. It was a very AT experience so the deck will remind me of AT.
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I love hanson Roberts deck one of the best decks to be working on when the season changes to fall
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Nisaba and my Quantum tarot

I always, always think of the lovely nisaba when I use or view my Quantum tarot.

I think of her posts in the enabling thread which led me to purchase it.

I was VERY VERY STUBBORN and a HARD SELL even though it was the enabling thread.

And I think of our reading exchange with the Quantum, which sadly I do not think will be visible after AT closes.

missy's Quantum tarot reading exchange with nisaba:

The enabling posts:

My first post, requesting information about it:

nisaba's first reply to me:

Posts 669, 670, 671, 672, and forward for a few pages you will see.

Have never regretted the purchase, and always think of nisaba with my Quantum.
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