Clarifying Love Spread

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Clarifying Love Spread

A while ago a good friend of mine asked me to see what was going on with her boyfriend since they didn't seem to communicate on the same level. I made up a spread on the spot and now that I have used it several times with very good results I would like to share it with the rest of you...... Hope the layout is's supposed to look like a heart!
Here goes:


1.Where I stand in the relationship.
2.What's crossing me.
3.Where the other person is standing in the relationship
4.What's crossing him/her.
5.How I THINK things are.
6.How the other person THINKS things are.
7. How things really are for me, advice card
8. How things really are for the other person, advice card.
9. How our energies flow together
10.Outcome for me if I follow this course
11. Outcome for the other person if following this course.
12.Result as a couple.

Hope you enjoy this!

love and joy,

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This seems like an interesting spread I think I will try it and let you know how it goes.

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looks like a very interesting spread to me. I have a similar question too, I might try this later.

Thanks for sharing.

Evelyn ~
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This was a very good spread.... Used it on myself and was surprised by the results(especially w/the cards pertaining to myself). They were pretty accurate. Thanks for sharing
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Very Pleased With The Spread

I too was very pleased with this spread. It was very accurate pertaining to me and my significant other.
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Chubby Mummy 

wow I love gonna try this on my best friend and post it in the readings....!!

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I just tried this spread and I found it very accurate and extremely frightening. Thankfully I have long since begun listening to that which I might not like. The read seemed only to empower my thoughts. Thank you for sharing this spread.
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Jess, you might try posting your reading in "My Readings" section. That's where you're likely to get feedback on it. Be sure to post the spread, too, so the folks know where the cards are and their position meanings.

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that's a good idea.. Thanks!
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Powerful, really powerful. Thanks for this one! I sure got important things out...
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