Tarot of the Gnomes - 0 -Sichen (the Fool)

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Tarot of the Gnomes - 0 -Sichen (the Fool)

Let's first describe him:

He seems to be a happy, merry little guy as he stands there, only one shoe (left foot), red trousers and a teal jersey. He is fair-haired, has a stummlbe on his chin and his delightful grin reveals one tooth. In his right hand he has a red pointed hat rimmed with gold and a bell on the point, in a gesture of taking his hat off in greeting. Maybe us watchers.

With his left hand he holds a big red rose behind his back, it is so big the bloom is higher than his head. If he wanted to hide it from view, well, drats, that did not work!

He stands on one foot (the clad one) and holds the naked one up, we see its sole is dirty

Around him are dried plants, it seems to be middle of summer and it has not rained in a long time. There are some flowers however (I do recognise them, but can't remember the name for the sake of it now, I know it in German and would have to look up a translation). Above him fly three bees, maybe attracted by the rose.


To me he has a big heart, and he does not care whet people think about him. Maybe he is a bit naive too and does not think people could judge him.

His big heart and happy grin are what strike me most.
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Here are some thoughts I had about Sichen....

First of all I'd like to ask him; "Where did your shoe go?" "Who did you pick the flower for?" "Where are you going...do you have a plan?" Maybe he doesn't need one...Sichen just does what he does, without giving it a second thought.

This card reminds me of the old saying "Ignorance is bliss"

I see him being quite content in everything he does...very caught up in his own dreams and thoughts...

I also agree...HUGE heart and happy smile!!!!
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