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Enchanted Tarot/ZernerFarber Study Group Princess of Wands

The Princess of Wands corresponds to the traditional Page of Wands in other decks, and the Princesses in this deck carry on the tradition of being "messengers." In our image of the Princess of Wands, my draw for the day, She is carrying a note. The card is fiery orange in tone showing all the energy of the Wands suit. The Princess reminds us of the enthusiastic and spontaneous, but also brings us to the root of the suit, the Ace of Wands. I believe all Aces and Princesses/Pages are connected. The Page/Princess is a reminder of the power of the root element.......it's ours and we must manifest it. BB, Michael
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I've been really busy, but I'll try to keep up even if it means backtracking a bit, tarobones.

The colors of the suits in this deck seem particularly meaningful. Not only is the band that names the card a fiery orange, but the color is incorporated into the butterflies that surround the princess, the mountainous landscape that she is a part of, and her dress/clothing. It is definitely the color of vibrancy and activity. The princess also holds what appears to be a letter, which means communication and the feather in her hat is reminiscent of Mercury (Hermes) the messenger god (winged feet) and of flight itself. All of this bespeaks fiery creativity, activity, movement, communication (verbal/written/visual).
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