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Enchanted Tarot/ZernerFarber The Sun

This image of the sun is very joyous, the sun itself smiling upon the world, giving life. The book reminds us of the practice of children everywhere to always include the Sun in the corners of their drawings, and the card has the feeling of joyous childhood spirits to it. I will let this image accompany me today and help me revive that spirit in me. I need it these days. BB, Michael
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Not only is the smiling, benevolent sun shining down, but there are also two songbirds basking in his glow. There is verdant plant life in this card and the sun doesn't merely shine down on the land, but there are actual, visible rays of light and something of a feathery green crown upon the sun's "head". It's an exceedingly positive card. One gets the feeling that nothing could go wrong in such a scene.
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