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Enchanted Tarot/ZernerFarber - Fool

Today I drew the Fool. A good time for me to spend with this card. The keyword here is trust, trust in life, trust in myself, trust in the future. The image is quite graphic in this deck, surrounded by its purple border for all the Majors, and the fool stands on what appears to be highly energized hills or mountains, paths to enlightenment, spiritual pathways. His little dog leaping b ehind him and the strange wand which contains a face looking backward at the Fool are intriguing. The little dog is quite traditional, and the Fool's wand seems to be a picture of himself.......as he goes forward he is also focused on himself. He goes forward trusting and innocent, not looking back. The picture does not have him on a cliff, but wending his way through paths in the mountains. There is very much to contemplate in this image. BB, Michael
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This fool looks like he might have some tough ground to cover, though, it's a little spikey and rough; the wind is blowing toward his face, not at his back. He smiles calmly at his wand, but the face looking back at him is not quite as benign. I can't quite put my finger on it, generally this is a "softer" deck, but this fool seems a little more put upon than the fools I've seen in other decks. It's a slightly confusing card to me, and not one I believe I've ever drawn in readings I've done for myself.
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While the path of the fool may look hard (and we know it is) The fool does not know or think about what lies ahead. I like the "sunburst" of flowers and leaves at the top of the card, above the fool's head. It reminds us that everything is new here, and growth is emphasized by the greens and purples. I like that this fool seems to be skipping along, he's doesn't appear to be paying attention too much to the surroundings, even though it looks like rough terrain and he should be.
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