Enchanted Tarot/ZernerFarber Two of Wands

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Enchanted Tarot/ZernerFarber Two of Wands

The Two of Wands maintains the fiery orange tones of the Wands suit in this deck. The color scheme remains consistent throughout the suit. Wands are very orange/red with browns as well. One can "see" the fiery tone of the cards. In this card a man, a wanderer, rests holding a staff in hand. He is dressed for a journey, perhaps a pilgrimage. Two very large powerful wands loom large over head in criss-cross fashion, and dominate the image. This young pilgrim has paused on his journey for a moment of contemplation. This is the card of planning. The pilgrim shows his confidence in his strong stands toward the right.....toward the future. He faces it with serenity and clarity that makes him strong. A good image for me to meditate on today.
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The crossed wands lend a special power to this card. It's almost as if they mean a mustering or rounding up of internal forces. The pilgrim's path (and I agree that the figure pictured in the card definitely appears to be a seeker, not merely a traveler, if that means anything) is a shadowy one; perhaps filled with surprises or even danger? But the crossed wands seem to mean that he will be strong and able to face what confronts him upon his path. This Two of Wands has a palpable, quiet power.
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