The Tarot by Sylvie Simon

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The Tarot by Sylvie Simon

I tried to find other threads started about this book, but couldn't??

(In between I have never been great at mastering Advanced Search!!)

I bought this book off E-bay el cheapo and it is a book that I normally woukd not be attracted to. Glossy hard cover. I have never seen this book until now and I must say the pictures in it are just stunning and will be wonderful to show my students.

I also note it is based on Marseille imagery and not to long ago I purchased a Marseille.

Anyone have this book or have any thoughts on it?
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Has no-one replied as this is is not a great book or because they have missed this thread?
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Bean Feasa 

It's an interesting book, isn't it TA? The format is rather like a child's storybook I think. I agree with you about the pictures. There's one that particularly affected me (unfortunately I'm posting this from work and don't have the book to hand, so I can't say what page it's on). It's a pencil drawing of the High Priestess, or should I say the Papesse. She's in her chair but has just turned around a bit to look over her shoulder. It's a very skilled drawing and I think it brings her to life in a startling way - it's not something I can really put into words very well.
It's a long time since I've looked at the book though, and to be honest that's my strongest memory of it. I bought it hoping to get a handle on the Marseille style, but I'm afraid there were no major revelations in it for me, and my mind still goes blank or flees back to the RWS tradition when faced with a big swathe of swords and flowers and leaves.
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I thought it was quite good ... a few bits could do with updating ... but given the dearth of Marseille based books in English, not bad at all. I, too, got it cheap, but it was well worth it I thought. Mind you, I am a total newbie Marseille-wise.

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The Tarot Reader 
The Tarot by Sylvie Simon

I can't tell how long ago the op wrote this question. I've had this book since the late 80s or early 90s.

It's a beautiful picture book that gives a concise explanation of tarot. As I recall the author had a Kabbalistic perspective which does not interest me greatly though when I first bought the book I think it might have been one of the first sources that introduced me to this perspective. But after so many years I can't recall if that is really the case.

That drawing of the High Priestess that the other poster mentioned has always stuck with me too, and one of the strengths of this book is the variety of predominantly non RWS images. A nice, simple resource for TdM tarots.

There are much better tarot resources out there, but I have always liked its simplicity and large colorful images.
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Originally Posted by The Tarot Reader View Post
I can't tell how long ago the op wrote this question.
Just below the post there is a footer line that has
1. The date the post was made
2. A link to upgrade your AT membership (Access the whole community and support us too - upgrade today!)
3. A button to take you back to the top of the page (Top)
4. A number that tells you where the post is sequentially in the thread (#nn)

The last post before yours was made on 4 March 2006, and it was post #4 in this thread.
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