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psychic sue 

I'm not really a pagan or wiccan but I do believe in the power of the universe, which is what my altar represents.

I get my stuff from all over - little knick-knack shops etc. I've got stuff that means something to me - a native american statuette, St. Francis, Bast, and of course something representing the elements.

I made my own wand - I took a fallen branch, thanked the tree, then took it home and stuck an amethys on the end. I twisted silver thread around it and stuck some glass beads on the sides. It's just as good as the ones I've seen on the internet!

In total my altar probably cost about 15 ($10?).

Sue x
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Dancing Bear 

I'm with Psychic Sue here majority of the stuff in my Alters are either home made including statues, pendulums etc..I also reckon when it is made by you it means a lot more.
And some bought things through yard sales, treasure markets, and where ever i find bits.. I have collected all sorts of bits that mean something to me in some way. I bought a lovely set of silver candles holders years ago in a trash and treasure market for $2 for the pair.. I found only the other day some gorgeous scented candles all $2 each.And they are rather big. So it doesnt need to cost alot, i am still collecting little bits and pieces, like feathers, stones and whatever takes my fancy, and probably will forever.. My husband says we are officially full, but i am sure i will find room for something else i find hehehe!!
Have fun shopping around,
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I guess it depends on what you see an altar as/what it represents to you and how you want it to 'work'. Personally I don't see a correlation between price of said object/altar and worth per say.

The most expensive thing I have is a statue of buddha which was reduced to 4.99! (about $7).

I see my little portable altar as a focus for devotion so for me it doesn't have to be big or expensive but what I put on it has to make sense. I think thats how most people see personal altars as compared to say a specific home altar for a specific faith (catholic, buddhist etc) which have certain rules as to their component parts.
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I don't have a camera as yet so can't take a photo of mine, but anyway...I'll describe it.

I have a large grey pebble with a pentagram drawn on in gold ink, a Buddha statue, a small water feature, candles and incense, an oil burner, 2 small white feathers I found in my room.

I think the most I paid was around 5 for everythng. A friend made me the pentacle pebble a few years ago.

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I've made my own wands and hand picked most of my crystals. My chalice is a silver goblet handed down through two generations of my family before me.

If I can't make it or find it, then the next best thing for me is to acquire something I want from another pagan - I try to stay away from mass produced things, but sometimes that's inevitable. I can't wait for the pentacle I ordered from Lillie to get here, and knowing that she made it with her own hands, infusing her own energy into it just makes it all the more special.
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September Pixie 

I wanted to say, I am asking for online shops to purchase either some form of art, plaque, or statue to place above my altar to fill the empty space.

I agree that I don't think your altar should have to cost a fortune.. infact I snagged those nifty tall glass candle holders for a penny with free ship on ebay! I think that the work you put into your altar/sacred space is more important than where the pieces originated from.. its YOUR energy that makes your space special and important. Most of my altar pieces were cheap finds on ebay... with the exception of some of the crystals and rocks. Some were gifts.. the actual box was put together by my husband so his labor makes the box special however, I don't have the time to sculpt so buying art pieces for me, would make my altar feel *complete*. If I had to sum up the total cost of the pieces I would say probably $50 including the actual altar piece. I don't want it to sound like I am looking to spend a thousand dollars to finish off my altar, I just need some place to find what I feel I am lacking.. does that make sense?

I have found this link most helpful
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Hello September Pixie...while you are looking for that 'finish'

1. Cost Plus World Market--check out collectibles. I've been a fan of their stores for years, heard a new one is opening nearby.

2. A beautiful source of browsing so the style of art images that might appeal to you might inspirational.

Hope that helps.

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September Pixie 

Cerulean!! Thank you so much for the reminder!! I for some reason NEVER thought of World Market!! We have bought our entire livingroom set from that store!! I'm gonna take a run by there tomorrow and see if I can find anything for Goddess & God statues and perhaps an offering ledge or something to fill in all that space. If I can't find something I like to hang I was thinking of some decorative throw pillows and possibly one of those canopies to top it off..
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Here is my current Altar....Had a full blown one but it had to come down so I just set this up not too long ago
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Here are my esbat and Beltane altars. There's also the poster of the moon that I just adore, and is an excellent visual for me for full moon rituals where the weather is not suitable for outdoor ritual.

I found my statue in a roadside vendor stall on my way home from a business trip.
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