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Red Emma 
Dream Interpretation

I took a year-long dream interpretation class from a Jungian therapist, and found it unbelievably fascinating. I agree whole heartedly with those who have said, "Forget dream interpretation books. They're useless." And just think how close you'd come to having a new Tarot deck with the money you save.

I have two tips from that class:

The subconscious likes to play on words and phrases. For instance, one time I dreamed that I was riding on a train with a couple of people. It turned out that I felt I was being rail-roaded.

About remembering dreams -- sometimes I don't work with dreams for a while, and sure enough I find it nearly impossible to remember them. The instructor suggested that I write down any minute detail I could remember, even if it was just a feeling. Sure enough, after a while, I could retain my dreams at least long enough to write down the whole.

One more thing. Whenever we'd report a dream to the class, the first thing the instructor would ask is, "What feeling did it leave you with?" Like fear, or anger, or love, or whatever.

Good luck! Dream interpretation is, usually a lot of fun, and practically always provides the dreamer with insights into her life.

Goddess Bless,

Red Emma
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Originally posted by WhiteDrag0n
Actually there are some REALLY GOOD dream books out there. They explain how our personal symbology works and how to make your personal dream dictionary.
True, it is best to not use a dream dictionary...just because I like ice cream does not mean you do, or you might be allergic....there are 3 meanings for ice cream right there...a treat, a dislike, and a poison.
some good books are:
The dream lover by Les Peto
the dream game
dream power, by Ann Faraday
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Red Emma 
Dream Interpretation

You're right, Lunalafey. Any book which helps a person deal with an in-depth look at their dreams, and which goes into racial memory, etc., will be of help. Sorry to have been so facil.


Red Emma
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Red Emma: Excellent points! That must have been a great class!

I agree wholeheartedly with what Red Emma said, particularly the part about paying attention to odd little connections and wordplays. I think most people who have trouble interpreting their own dreams fail to make these connections. The problem is that when they are awake and recalling the dream they think these little connections are too tenuous and absurd to be meaniningful. But hey, the absurd is the playground of the unconscious (dreaming) mind, so that's where you gotta go if you want to interpret!

Also, if you keep a journal of your dreams, you will begin to see more easily the connection between your dreams and your daily life. Thus you will be able to eliminate the most mundane parts of your dreams and concentrate on the parts that create the strongest feelings for you.

Good luck!


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