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Originally posted by Teranar
Was this guy's scar about halfway up on his right forearm, and did it have a faint feeling of dread and/or evil in it? If it is, I know something about it.
Terenar - I didn't get any sense of dread or evil from the scar. It was more like one friend showing another "battle scars", if that makes sense. Honestly, I can't remember very clearly, it's been a few weeks, but I think the scar was just above or below the elbow.

I would very much like to know your thoughts, though.

Zorya - sure, I don't mind posting it. I started a guided meditation by imaging myself sinking underwater in a large pool...each exhalation plunging me deeper. When I got to the bottom of the pool I found myself in the desert - in this case, a particular hiking trail near North Mountain in Phoenix, AZ. At the trailhead I envisioned a well in which I left all of my worries, and began walking southwest and uphil on the trail, which winds between two large foothills. It was daylight but as I kept walking it got dark and I began to get a little afraid. I then found myself holding a lamp in front of me, like the Hermit in some Tarot Decks. Then I began to notice there were wraiths whizzing by on either side of me - faceless shadows, and I began to get scared. I ducked into a cave and found myself walking deeper and deeper into the mountain, and eventually I came out in a very large underground cavern through which a river flowed. The walls and the floor of the cavern were made up of purple crystal and purple crystal sand. I then noticed my lamp was gone and there, standing by the river in front of a natual stone pillar, was the guy from my dreams. He smiled, shook my hand, and patted me on the shoulder, and then said, "You've nothing to fear." I felt the urge to take a deep breath and as I did, I felt as if I was sucking him inside of me, if that makes any sense at all. I then saw a doorway at the other end of the cavern and went through it, at which point I became fully conscious again.

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thanks for sharing chris!

hope you don't mind my attempting to interpret this
i'm not sure where the guided part of the meditation ended, but the parts from the cave on sounded very much like a typical shamanistic journey. the river in a cave may represent self healing. the amethyst makes me think he is going to really help you with your intuition and perhaps psychic abilities, along with the self knowledge your dream alluded to. you no longer need the lantern to guide you, the guidance will come from within you now.

you may want to visit with him on a regular basis.
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I just wish I could see things like that when I meditate... when I meditate i just see blackness with colorful dots....

oh well
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