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EDs and the Celtic Cross

Funny that you should mention this I just found this thread while doing research for an upcoming class. I'm going to send all my students here to read all the variations!! Although I don't use the Celtic Cross that much, I do have a personal version I use for when it's requested by clients. That's shown as #1 below.

But actually, in recent years I have been using Elemental Dignities spreads far more often than anything else - like the Elemental Pentacle. I just find these so much more useful and illuminating (a whole other topic). One of my pet peeves with the CC is that there is very little future-oriented information. So if the question doesn't have anything to do with the past (e.g., what can I learn about the new job I'm starting on Monday?) a lot of it is not that relevant. I designed a different version of the CC which replaces the wheel with EDs, shown as #2 below.

#1 "Standard" but personal CC

1) current situation
2) challenge within the situation
3) subconscious, roots, hidden factors
4) the recent past
5) conscious beliefs and attitudes, what the client thinks they can achieve
6) near future

7) what the client offers or brings to the situation
8) what the environment or other people offer the client
9) advice from the tarot
10) next steps to bring about the best possible outcome

Note, I am typically more "plan-oriented" than "outcome-oriented". That last outcome card has always bothered me as being a bit deterministic or confusing. If required, I could use "most likely outcome if things continue on their current path" as the closest thing I could accept.

#2 ED version of the CC

Same as above, except replaces cards 3-6 with the following:

3) Earth - Stable influences, finances, health, work
4) Water - Emotions, relationships, creativity, fulfillment
5) Air - Thoughts, plans, attitudes, what you need to know
6) Fire - Actions you can take, will, career, identity

This is great for looking at all aspects of a situation that does not really have deep roots in the past, or where you simply want more cards that analyze the present or future details of a question. - Teresa
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Solty Dog 

Hi everyone. I found this thread while I was searching for new spreads. I thought that I would give my vegetable to the soup.

I do a modified CC spread I call the Shield and Sword. The Shield part is 5 cards and outlines the problem thusly.


Q - Laid down and sideways is the Querrant card. I let them pick it and use it in conjunction with the other cards in the entire spread.

1. The root of the problem. Its where the feet meet the earth from behind the shield.

2. What the problem looks like. This represents the eyes looking over the shield. Sometimes problems look bigger or smaller when they are out of perspective.

3. Feminine view of the problem. (Emotional)

4. Masculine view of the problem. (Physical)

Next I look at the Sword which represents the solution.


5. Is the handle of the sword. This card is for how to begin the solution. Such as it might require physical action, or they may need to reflect.

6,7,8. These cards are the hilt of the sword. They are what protect the wielder. They represent what family and friends will be able to do to help.

9. Known factors that can help. Such as work, people, physical things.

10. Hidden factors that can help. Such as insight, compassion, emotional things.

11. The tip of the sword and the final outcome. This is read in conjunction with the entire sword to have full meaning and with the Q card.

I hope I explained it well. Thank you for reading.

B.S. Dog
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Here's what goes thru my head..

for a Celtic Cross

1. significator: who/what you identify with on an emotional level
2. challenge: what is your spiritual challenge in this situation?
3. foundation: what is the precedent for the needed challenge?
4. recent past: how that workin' for ya (your present causes/actions)?
5. present: your karmic score at the moment/how you are doing today
6. near future: what you can expect based on your present attitude and actions
7. true self: who you really are
8. persona: how others see you
9. hopes/fears: that which you hope for, you also fear
10. outcome: a deeper resolution of the dynamics
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I don't really use the CC spread much...but I really love some of the alternate versions here!
Some have a richness to them that I like a lot...I may have to try a couple!

Here's my weird version of the CC...incorporating Chakras...

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Hi Baroli

Originally Posted by Baroli52
I have to admit, I don't enjoy the traditional CC. spread. But along comes this variation, with a numerology twist and I have to say, my readings are far more accurate. My hat or Chapeau is off to Fulgour and La Véritable Croix Celtique. Very cool indeed!! I have adopted it and use quite a bit now.
May I please apologise for not responding sooner...
this is the first time I noticed your very thoughtful,
kind and generous remarks. Thank you, very much!

Le Véritable Fulgour
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My spead of the Celtic Cross is a little different than most I've seen read, but it isn't too out of the ordinary (I don't think)...


2)Emotions surrounding situation/querent
4)Old energies/energies that are phasing out
5)New energies/energies that are phasing in
7)Spiritual realm
8)Financial realm

BUT ... I have fallen into the habit of drawing 3 additonal card for each spot. I ask the querent (or myself) to choose which pile they feel the strongest need to know more about after I read card #10.

For instance, if they want more read on card #4, I'd flip three more cards, expanding on the original card. Then I'd ask for the next card calls to them. They pick card #9. I flip three more cards on that card 9. Ask again and so forth, until they don't want any more clarification or until each spot has a total of 4 cards drawn. I've never been tempted to go beyond the three additonal cards; I feel that its usually as "clear" as its going to get at that point.

This habit started with a friend's particularly hard to interpert reading a couple years back and its just become part of how I read the spread now.

Am I odd for doing this? Anyone do something similar?
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Originally Posted by saoirse1561
BUT ... I have fallen into the habit of drawing 3 additonal card for each spot. I ask the querent (or myself) to choose which pile they feel the strongest need to know more about after I read card #10.
I ask my clients which two cards they want to know more about. Then I will lay two cards for clarification. The left side is generally what they need to know emotionally/spiritually and the right is what they need to know physically. Sometimes it is the Pro/Con of the situation. I don't draw 3 additional cards for each position though because that would be overwhelming to me!
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Glass Owl 


1. The Significator
This card reflects the situation you are experiencing on an inner and outer level. In essence, this is where you find yourself at the present time.

2. Crossing Card
This is the card that “crosses your path” and indicates the apparent nature of a situation or problem. This card is not necessarily negative in meaning, but simply reflects the situation, which is crossing your path at the moment. What you are facing or dealing with is presented here. Often times, it reveals what may be “blocking” one’s path.

3. Crowining Card
What “hangs over you, the seeker.” The Crowning Card reveals what is out on the surface and immediately apparent in your life at the present time.

4. Base Card
What is at the base of matters in your life describes the situation on a more subjective, deeper level. Often times it reveals what is at the root of matters, or at the root of your psyche. This card may often come as a surprise, as you may not be aware of an unconscious motivation or issue which needs to be brought to awareness. We do not always act for feel things for the reasons we think, therefore, this card may seem to contradict the apparent reason for our dilemma or situation, but, don’t be fooled! Read deep into this meaning. You will gain tremendous insight out of it..

5. Past Influences
This card is revealing to you those influences or situation, which is passing out of your life. In the past it had been important, but now has been dealt with, allowing you to move on and forward. If this card is still reflecting something currently going on in your life, that you wish to pass, it is important for you to be able to “let go” of the situation. Try to release old resentments, anger, disappointment and other emotions. The new can only come in after all old “baggage” has been discarded.

6. Forthcoming Influences
This card represents what is coming into your life. This card is not a long-term prognosis of a “future outcome,” but rather a description of the currents at work in the immediate future. This can be a great eye-opener!

7. Contributor Card
Think of this card as an extension of card #1 (the Significator Card). This card is describing your attitude or mental state, which you are currently finding yourself, or where you are about to find yourself soon. This card often represents “what we put into a situation” - our efforts and influences we contribute to an issue.

8. Views of Others
This card describes how friends and family view you in your current situation in life. It reveals what we have been unconsciously doing to project this image to the outside world. Perhaps you are not getting the compassion, sympathy or support you hoped to receive from loved ones. Or maybe you are receiving more support than usual. It may contradict how we really feel, or it may honestly reflect your feelings in a current situation.

9. Hopes & Fears
This one card is very powerful, for it reveals what we hope for and also what we fear at the same time. In other words, all of us hope for the best in a situation but fear the worst will happen to us. Make sure to read carefully into this card, for it will offer you tremendous insight.

10. Final Outcome
This is the “final outcome” of your reading, as it is perceived at this time. It may cover a period of time for as long as six months or less. The word “final” can be very misleading, as nothing is ever “final” or “etched in stone” in life, so keep an open mind when reading his card.

::::I found this spread at http://www.spiritcards.com where it is called the Animal Totem Spread.
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Celtic Cross (Romance)


1. How you feel and what you are aware of
2. What is happening right now
3. Destiny
4. What you want
5. What has created the present situation
6. How to proceed
7. Your role in the relationship right now
8. Current factors affecting your relationship
9. What will help the situation
10. What will the relationship produce

From http://www.brigids-haven.com
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Glass Owl 

Ravensong's Celtic Cross Variation Spread


1. The issue or question at hand. (Or you can use a signifier for this position.)
2. Helping or hindering factors.
3. Foundation of the matter.
4. Past event or influence that affected the question.
5. Possible future influences.
6. Events which will clarify or resolve the matter.
7. Questioner's attitude.
8. Opinion of friends and family.
9. Hopes or fears.
10. Final outcome.
11. Further information on the Outcome.
12. Timing - To give time frame to resolution of Question.

Wands = Days
Pentacles = Weeks
Cups = Months
Swords= Time indeterminate
King/Queen= Time indeterminate
Trumps= Now

Ace - Ten = Corresponding Numbers
Page= Eleven
Knight = Twelve

13. Advice

This spread is from http://www3.sympatico.ca/terrir/spreads.html
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