World Spirit Study Group The Tower (16)

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World Spirit Study Group The Tower (16)

You look down on a stone tower as it is struck by lightening. A shadowy crowned figure falls from the height towards the storm tossed water below, his heart pierced by the lightening. The tower's drawbridge and gates are open and unguarded.

In this Tower's rendering, is the viewer falling or observing from a height? I can see it both ways.

This is a good news/bad news card to me:

The good news: out of the blue, tremendous luck has come or is coming to you. Entirely new opportunities are coming fast, with hardly any effort on your part. You are able or soon will be able to see things from an entirely new perspective.

The bad news: the luck is (from your current perspective) bad, very very bad, not at all what you wanted or expected. Your comfortable situation is irretrievably lost. You are NOT in control of what you thought, were not able to see a SKY of storm clouds coming, were arrogant enough to annoy and or amuse the gods themselves.

Time to wake up!
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I think it almost looks as if the viewer is above The Tower looking down, or maybe we are in fact the second person falling.

It's a very powerful image this, I really like it.
I like the way the colours make you think it's night time too, a little like the colours on The Moon card.
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This is one of my favorite Tower cards in any deck. It makes me dizzy when I look at it, but that's a good thing sometimes! I feel like I'm inside the card, part of the falling tower, my world being rocked around me.

The Tower is one of those cards that, when it comes up in a reading, I say "uh-oh" out loud. (Which is bad if I'm reading for another person...) Even though it can also indicate a positive change, there's going to be a lot of chaos and upheaval first. Just looking at a distant tower with little figures falling from it doesn't convey that with the punch-in-the-gut, vivid feeling of falling that I get from this image.

(My other favorite Tower card, if I can mention that here, is in the Ancestral Path deck, but it's not falling at all. I may just like it as an artistic concept, not as a Tarot Tower image.)
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