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Piglet has left home taking his meager belongings with him, perhaps to find his true love... I feel like shouting out at him to watch his step, to get his feet firmly on the ground - yet at the same time part of me admires him for being so bold and that things will work out ok in the end.
The little dog looks like a toy and makes him look young, the bag on the end of the stuck gives me the impression that it contains all of his worldly possesions, the flower in his hand could be his gift to the one has set out to find, he seems to be wearing his smartest clothes and so wants to make a good impression, he seems blinded by the sun (so focussed on the distance) to notice the cliff edge right in front of him.
The piglet seems totally carefree and without a worry in the world - a real dreamer - I can almost here him whistle the tune to "always look on the bright side of life...". The saying that springs to mind is "fools leap where angels fear to tread", and that in boldness there is greatness, just go out and do it, seize the day.
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Just got this deck today and absolutely love it! It seems to be considered a cute, but strange deck - however I find it very melancholy/bittersweet at the same time. Especially the Fool (but it could just be my 'off-mood' at the moment)...

Unlike the RWS Fool (who seems to be descending a mountain), this little pig seems to have climbed up one - as if to escape the cold, dreary world below and to sniff the fresh air high up in the mountains.

His toy dog gives me the impression that he is an orphan, a lost child seeking a home or new life.

He's not aware of the fall before him, but if he is, this gives him a very melancholy feel - he can go no further, but back down to the scary world below. But for a short while at least, he can saviour this moment of freedom.
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when i look at this card, i feel like there is some naivete involved with this little pig setting out on his journey. almost like romanticizing the journey itself. and it kinda makes me wonder will he properly absorb his lessons as he embarks on to his journey and come across the challenges of life. i think the little dog on the wheels is an aspect of his child like innocence that he's taking along with him. like a memory keepsake so he can hold on to a piece of that innocence within himself. i think the sun represents the goal of enlightenment that he seeks deep down. but he still has to be mindful of where he places his steps to achieve it. he seems prepared for his journey with his little warm coat and his bundle on the stick... but what's in that little bundle? did he prepare properly and pack the bundle with the things he'll need to be successful on his journey?
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Initially the card seemed happy to me, with a strong yellow colour to it. But looking at it a bit closer and both the dog and the pig look scared to me.

I'm scared for the pig. He seems totally unaware of the precipice before him and he's going to get the shock of his life, whether he manages to stop himself and not fall off or trip off the cliff. He has a naivete about him which means he's looking up and out, towards his goal and the world far away around him, rather than the here and now. The dog behind him also seems unaware of the fall in front but is more paranoid or worried than the pig. Maybe he suspects something's up or has more experience than the pig - a hand-me-down who has been the companion to many pig's first journey perhaps.
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