High Priestess - Druidcraft - is she blind?

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they could be veiled references to the way that horses were revered in celtic myth?

i'm not really up on celtic mythology - egypt is my pantheon of choice - but i'm sure that the word pony comes from "epona", the horse goddess.

of course i may be worng and anyone is very welcome to set me straight! lol
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The flail

Hi guys!
I assume you all have the book that goes with the deck....
Check back to the pages with the High Priestess.
There it states that "The Goddess is seen in her destructive and her creative aspect. In Egypt these 2 forces were symbolized by the Pharaoh holding the crook and the flail. The HP's book here represents the guidance of the goddess and the flail represents her catabolic force."
--- and let's face it, pain is an entrance way to the trance and visions..... I know that first hand... not that I use a flail but ........ .....--oh well-- check the text / thread of the "Wheel" where there is more talk about the subject....

I like that our HP is working a New Moon ritual!
New Beginnings... I often give teachings on New Moon...
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The card seemed hectic to me at first, but not anymore. Yet, it is one of the few High Priests I need some more getting used to with. I use the card a lot in meditation, and this one hasn't made it that far yet. She seems so ragged, as if she has been through a lot physically, but isn't collected spiritually yet.
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Originally Posted by Arania
She seems so ragged, as if she has been through a lot physically, but isn't collected spiritually yet.
I really love this raggedness in all these DC cards! These people are true leaders of their tribe/clan but they donīt seem care too much of outer appearances. They donīt seem to care much of what others think or how the royalty is perhaps expected to dress. They wear their tribal/clan jewellery and the clan colours/tartans proudly. But they seem to say that if the winds have broken their garments it doesnīt really matter at all. I really like that. It makes me feel they have truly understood something important regarding outer appearances.These people are true nobility.
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Yes, very down to earth people. Always in the middle of the action. It's a deck that is very much alive.
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I am used to seeing the high priestess with the book in her hands and the moon at her feet, in other decks interpreting this card didn't come naturally to me, but this image does. I like that she is standing, surrendering herself to both the moon and the knowledge before her. Her closed eyes make plain the quiet calm and serenity of the ritual, and notice how her hair blends in with the night and the cloak she wears, like her mind connecting with the moon, then connecting with the water behind her. I also like that she is quite frail and gaunt, it gives her a more tomboyish quality, makes her appear much more instinctive and much less regal.

Is there any meaning to the constellations above her?
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high priestess - druidcraft tarot

Hi to all,
I need assistance on the high priestess card from this deck. If some of you can describe it to me, for I can't see the image (see 6 of cups) then that'd be most helpful to me.
All the best,
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Veronica your PM box is full so I've sent you an email.

I'm adding this thread to the other High Priestess thread.

Sulis - Tarot Study Groups Moderator
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The flail the Pharaoh holds does not represent "whipping" in ancient Egypt. The crook is used by the shepherd with his sheep, but the flail is actually used to beat the grain so you can get at the edible parts. I think the whips we see in the Druidcraft are about that. It is part of the process we have to use to have food. In the Bible there are references to "separating the chaff from the wheat" and "winnowing grain". The flail is part of these processes, as are baskets where wheat is tossed so the chaff blows away, (one way of winnowing) and then there's the grinding of the wheat, by hand or with mill stones....the process it undergoes in becoming useful food is not unlike the process we humans undergo to become spiritualy adept humans.
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hmm, it really is hard to tell if her eyes are blind or just closed...thought the former at first, but now looking closely it does just ...closed.

its interested to compare impressions of this card though. a lot of people in this thread seemed put off by her, but for me, its one of my favorite majors in the deck, stunning visually, and very appropriate. probably one of my favorite high priestesses from decks i have in general. i also like her gaunter frame...perhaps to some degree i associate it with asceticism which in turn is linked in my mind with mysticism, focusing on spiritual rather than physical, etc. a fuller frame would make her more womanly, more earthly, the way the empress is, and the high priestess isn't...
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