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Re: Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot

This is utterly fantastic, Karen!!

I want this cat deck AND the one by Catdoc. Superb work in each deck. Only the theme is the same. The decks look/feel totally different and unique :-)


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Deep breath. I am absurdly nervous about uploading these and have done just about everything I can think of to put off the moment. Not sure why. I think it's because this deck has turned out to be SUCH hard work, and yet I know that it's a "love it or hate it" and that some people may not like it at all. I promise to be open to ALL feedback, good and bad.

But on the other hand, if you like cats, costumes and fantasy, well... you may well enjoy it. We've had huge pleasure out of making these cards:
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Plaintive wail "But I don't LIKE baroque..."

And I think its a wonderful, incredible deck. (just can't trust my taste anymore, I guess...)

Somehow find a few dealer contacts within the Society for Creative Anachronism (primarily US, but not totally) - they should be able to order and sell out and reorder a few dozen times before the rage dies down.
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I love these cards...I mean, really love them! Please put me on your preorder list.
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There is a certain aspect of "Tarot of Prague with cats" :> :>

I like the three that are posted.
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Originally posted by HudsonGray
Gay guys will love this, and I think men will also use/buy it if they like cats. A 'manly man' may balk, but then most tarot are bought by women anyways...
??? Whahahahahahahahahahahaha

I know a few practicing heterosexual males that will love the deck also.

I know a few manly men who prefer cats.

Now as to the deck – er…uh…Karen and Alex – nice, really nice. Don’t change a thing.

PS; I’m terrified to think about the death card. Will this deck need a disclaimer (“No actual animals were injured in the making of this deck”)
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Astra's right about the SCA, if you get them done before 2nd week in August I know 2 or 3 dealers who would be interested in having them at Pennsic.

( on the internet shows pics, it's an 11 day long event that pulls in 15,000 people in Pennsylvania). I also know a dealer with a tarot tent at the Bristol Ren. Faire in WI who would order them. And a few local pagan stores here.

LOL Umbrae, I meant 'manly men' like Rednecks with the highest testosterone. It's only a small percentage. Real guys would buy a cat deck too.

Baba! Here's your 'Death' card!

(this site cracks me up!
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I'm not sure why...but I can't access the images!!! I'll keep trying, maybe i'll luck out's amazing how us cat lovers can project out love and fascination with these wonderful creatures...I can't tell you how many male aquaintances over many years told me that they didn't like cats till they met mine(i've had only 6 cats in 36 years, but they all lived to almost 20)...even my significant other said he couldn't believe it, but he didn't like cats till he met mine, now he loves my cats...Is there such a thing as too many cat decks??? I don't think so! As with many other tarot decks, they each have their own charm and appeal...that is why i'm a taroholic!...hmmm, i wonder if there is a 12 step program for tarot card collecting????
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I like them very much. Personally I'm not such a great one for the notion of "clothing cats" - but these work rather well. Perhaps contrary to the normal discussions one should petition for MORE (feline) nudity? But they are certainly very beautiful and will have the same sort of market appeal as my "I Gatti" and variants...

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I just checked your cards and I'm pleasantly surprised, what a lovely deck! The cats are so cute and I really like the style of the deck. Keep going on! These cards just make me want to see more.
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Originally posted by baba-prague

Bob - taking your quote:
What can I report of a man who, on his wedding night, wore more lace than I?" - - Isabel II of Spain

All I can say is, that's my kind of guy! (ROTFL)

Oh, I'm sure he was very handsome and charming, Karen, but Isabel was notorious for being interested in other of men's attributes, if you get my drift.....

Anyway, let no one think I am a cat hater, my only observation is that this deck will sell more to women than men, because of the subject matter. No disparagement of men who do or don't buy the deck; and you already know I'll buy a copy of it, maybe several for use as gifts - - for ladies!

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