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I think some of you may be pleased to know that I will be commiting myself over the next few months to making Tarot Cielo.

Does this mean I've got a publishing deal? Well no, not really. And I won't be looking for one (not in the traditional sense, anyway) until it's all finished.

So, how is this so?

A wonderful, generous benefactor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has given me an 'arts grant' to support me while I work on Tarot Cielo.

You can imagine how deeply humbled I am that a perfect stranger would see fit to donate me a large sum of their own hard-earned cash so that I can have the luxury of being able to indulge my creative tendancies on this project solidly for a couple of months.

The person doesn't even want rights, or a percentage or anything. Just a copy when and if it gets published.

Thanks so much, secret benefactor. I will be forever in your debt, and I hope I can produce something worthy of your faith in me.

Since I can't say who you are, perhaps all the other people who feel grateful that you've enabled Tarot Cielo to be created might like to leave you a message here?

Warmest regards,
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I cannot think of any tarot artist more fitting to have such a benefactor and I hope that generous person accepts the warm regards and gratitude from this lover of Kat Black's work.

I had one, count 'em ONE tarot deck for thirty-plus years. Number two was the Golden and it opened a whole new world for me. So, dear Anon Bene, you do a great service to all of us looking for more insight and beauty in the cards. Many thanks!
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Isn't that amazing? How nice, Kat!
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Wow, I thought things like that only happen in fairy tales!

I'm looking very much forward to the Cielo and I'm happy for you that you can devote all your time to its creation, Kat. What a wonderful opportunity!

Thanks to the unknown benefactor. If more people invested their money in artists, what a wonderful world this could be.
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Thank you generous benefactor for your beleif that art must be produced!! I am so very thrilled that Tarot Cielo will be published.. yes that right I said it!!
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Queen of Pentacle 
isn't it sheer magic?

I am so very glad that you could create this Caelo tarot in conditions that suit you.
It was just too beautfull to stay inacheved!
Your benefactor must know that he will extend some joy and beauty all around! Kat, you deserve such magic!

Gee, am-I glad, thank to this secret "Mécène".

I have often read that in Medieval times as well as in the Renaissance, artists often depicted benefactors in their artistry, using their feature as model for Saints or whatsoever. European churchs are full of these "eggs" hiden faces. Isn't that a lovely way to keep their gesture alive over time ?
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Very pleased to hear this. There IS magic in the world!

I look forward to seeing the cards Kat.
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Little Baron 

What kindness.

And isn'y it lovely to have the belief of others?

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Most excellent news!

A deep bow to benefactor and
a bit of jumping up and down for Kat!
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First card... Eight of Coins

As mentioned before, I can't show many of the cards due to persistent piracy, but I can't resist showing you the first one I've done now I've started properly on the project. Since it's not a Court Card, it may give you all more of a clue about what I'm intending with this deck....
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