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World Spirit Tarot - 2 of Wands

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World Spirit Tarot - 2 of Wands

A beach at night.
The sky is dark and peppered with stars and in the foreground on a mound of sand, scattered with sea shells stands a boy. He is wearing only a small skirt / loin cloth and a pendant that looks like it's made from a shell.
He stands between 2 long crystal tipped wands which he holds upright. The wands seem to form a doorway and his attention is focused on a shooting star which is just over head.
The shooting star seems to be travelling in an arc and almost looks as if it is headed for a distant shore which can just be seen on the horizon. A crescent moon sits low in the sky just above the distant shore.
The sea laps at the boy's feet with dark tendrils of water.

There is a sense of dissatisfaction with this card. The boy is obviously quite at home where he is, he looks as if he belongs there but the sea is encroaching upon his space and he looks wistfully at the shooting star and seems to me to be wishing to follow it.
Twos relate to the High Priestess and speak of a time of stillness before a decision is made.
This young guy may be happy where he is but he seems to be wishing for more. He must gather together his courage and his inner strength if he is to leave the island which has been his home until now.
There's an element of wishing on a star here which I really like.

Here's an image of the card: http://******************.com/photos/...Spirit#131.jpg
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thank you for this lovely description.
i was struck by the shooting star and had the same impression, that it represented the idea/project/endeavor that he was about to pursue. I liked that the element of fire was really felt in this card, that you can feel the spark of the creative mind in action.
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