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Originally Posted by Hemera
Should I give the Legacy more time to open up or what?
In a word: yes. Perhaps if you don't try actually *reading* with it, but do meditation/visualization with it, or card of the day... Or just go back to the Fairies!

But then you wouldn't be learning your new, gorgeous deck!

All in all, it's just your choice. Do you want to get over the hump with the deck, or not?

Oh, and remember to breathe. That helps everything!
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Originally Posted by Hemera
Should I give the Legacy more time to open up or what?

I would say stick it out for a little bit longer. You might look at using the cards in different ways and in different exercises. One book I love for exercises that are a bit different and unique is Mark McElroy's "What's in the the Cards for You." There are loads of different things to try. Also there is Mary Greer's 21 ways book that can help you see the cards a bit differently too.

Have you tried reading for others with the deck yet? This is the real test for me.

Still if you aren't getting from the deck what you want then there isn't any reason why you can't change to a deck that you love too.

Just my ideas.

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Originally Posted by sravana
Scion, do you do a search on "Liber T" just to see who's talking about it?

I haven't seen you around here for ages! How's the Liber T book coming?
LOL No the Decan spirits just nudge me in directions, I guess. You know how it is with the Lords of Time...

The book is on hold because of preproduction on a film, but I'll get back to it shortly. I miss chipping away at it (and Gundel's German) actually. And as it turns out, it really is a book that will be usable for any GD deck based on Book T, not just the Liber T deck... although I can give you a thousand reasons why the Liber T is such an EXCELLENT choice.
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New IDS Thread


I've created the IDS Part 3 thread, which can be found here. I will be PMing the mods next to have this thread closed. Please make any new posts in the new thread.

If current IDSers want to reintroduce themselves and reiterate their pledges in the new thread, it might help folks who are interested in the IDS but don't want to slog through two 1000+ posts threads.

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