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Ok, I'm back. I didn't get back as soon as I wanted to set some guidelines for myself. So, here we go!

1. I will begin today, the 20th of June and end on the 20th of September. I will continue if I feel I need more time after that.
2. I will handle my cards every day. Look at them and shuffle them.
3. I will study the cards using the AT study group, and the internet as well as the LWB for reference.
4. I will journal my studies and thoughts as I proceed, I've already started a book for this purpose with the titles of the cards, I just need to do the hard work!
5. I will read using my IDS deck only, and will try to read for someone, or something, every day.

Lets hope I can keep my motivation going and focus for three months! Focus isn't something I'm good at anymore!!!
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Originally Posted by thorhammer
Cat* ~ Thankyou so much for going to the trouble of keeping track of everyone! Can you please add Scion, continuing with the Liber T and Thoth and book-writing? I've linked your post into my initial post in this thread, so it doesn't get lost
Scion is added now. And thanks for putting the link into the first post.

Are there any others who announced they'd start/continue an IDS in the first support thread (I only listed the ones from this thread)?
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Eugenia Madora 

I would like to join in and commit to one deck for the next three months.
My problem has been too many decks and not enough focus.
I have taken this week to look at several decks and I have decided to use
The Druid Craft Tarot and the Druid Animal Oracle.
This surprised me because of the four decks this is the one I have the most difficulty handling and shuffling!
I think the first step might be a trimming.
I will post my pledge tomorrow but it will include four days off to experience the traveling Noblet.
It may be the only time I get my hands on a Noblet!
I am really excited to spend the summer getting to know this deck.
Thanks for this great thread and all the informative and supportive posts.

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I've played around with shuffling and drawing cards from my Universal Waite and then reading from the corresponding Minute cards, but honestly, it feels wrong. It feels like I'm cheating, and that I'm losing out on the part of the process where you connect on a deeper level with the deck itself. So I don't think I'll be using the UW at all; I'm just being gentle with my Minute and hoping for the best. It seems to be holding up well, so I'm going with it.

I'm also finding it difficult to do daily draws regularly, but I'm not going to stress over it. Some days I do one-card draws, some days I draw 3 cards for a specific situation, it just varies, and I'm not going to fix something that ain't broke!

Welcome to all who are still streaming in!

I love how so many people are giving this a try!
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ok, I will IDS for one month with the Archeon.

Doing daily draws, journaling, etc...
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Originally Posted by Eugenia Madora
I have decided to use
The Druid Craft Tarot and the Druid Animal Oracle.
Hi Eugenia,
Welcome to the list.
I have the Druid Animal oracle (and the Druid Plant Oracle) waiting for me when I finish my IDS with the Llewellyn. The idea is to add them in so that I have an oracle/traot base (there are some days when tarot seems just right - some days when I feel the need for something a little different) - so I will be interested to know how you get on with the Animal Oracle.

I imagine the Druid Animal and the DruidCraft will work well together.


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Inner Child Cards

O.K...I have been wanting to do this for some time but could never commit to a deck. I also have been spending too much time in the "Tarot Decks" area of this forum looking for decks to buy. So I am going to commit myself to reading only with the Inner Child Cards for 1 month at least. After one month I will assess things and hopefully continue to study this deck. I will only do readings with this deck and do my best to not buy any decks for this period of time. If I break down and buy a deck I will only check to be sure it is intact-no readings. I will journal daily on my daily reading (which I already do).

-Please count me in!
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Things are going well for me so far. I am so much in love with the Buckland Romani. I've added a few cards to the study group and I'm gaining a lot of insight there from Mi-Shell. Thanks Mi-shell if you are reading this

I've done one 10 card spread(The great one that was in the most recent Tarot World Magazine( It's a Celtic Cross shape but there are positions for what happens in different time periods, along with some other great qualities.) While I did the spread I journaled in my notebook but also tried to fill in each card in the study group. This helps me get a better understanding of the cards when applied to a spread, rather than doing a one a day which has never worked for me.

When I get home from work each day I feel like I have to rush to look at these beautiful cards!

Welcome to the newest ones who've joined. I wish you well on your journey.
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Madame Squee 


Please count me in from today -- Summer Solstice -- to the Autumnal Equinox (9/22/08).

I'm using the Druidcraft.

Thanks! (running... late for work... )

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Eugenia Madora 

Hi Polar Bear,
I really want the Druid Plant Oracle but I think I will have to wait.
We'll see if I can hold out, otherwise I might have two oracles!

Hi Cronesayer,
It looks like we're going to be studying the same deck.
Is yours trimmed?
I can't decide but the cards are too big for my hands.
I may need to get a second deck to trim.
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