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After much consideration I've decided to join in. I have followed previous IDS-threads with interest and it has always seem liked a really good way for me to become a better reader, but I've always found excuses not to do it (busy w school, then work, etc).

So now, I've decided to overcome my own laziness (and fears?) and will be spending some quality time with my Victorian Romantic!

I'll try to read w the deck every day, or at least shuffle it.
I'm already used to journal all my readings so that won't be a problem.
I'll start today (08-06-21) and go on for three months. My goal is to work through the deck card by card so I might go on for more than three months.
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ok so, I just did an online reading for someone with the Celtic Cross by the numbers in the Tarot World magazine using my buckland romani deck- the thing is, it's a lot of "future telling" so, I'll have a long time to go to see if any of it made sense for the querant. It's different than what I'm used to when they can say, yes or no, etc... but it was good practice.
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Originally Posted by rwcarter
And I'm not sure when I'll get to touch my cards this weekend to start my second IDS since tonight is more cleaning and the dinner party will prob run late Sat night.
I was able to get some more work done last night on the Astrological Associations of the cards. It was well over 100 degrees yesterday and therefore was far too hot to clean or exercise. So I worked with my deck instead. One last set of associations and then I'm done with that. Other things I plan on focusing on this IDS are a numerological study of the cards, studying various Major Arcana layouts and for those of you who might remember this old thread applying the Seven Stations to this deck. But not today. Gotta get started cleaning and prepping....

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I'm going to use the same deck as the one I used for the 1st IDS: the Thoth. There's so much to learn about it that I could easily spend 3 more months studying it, and definitely much longer.

So, my pledge is:
1) I will use the Thoth for the next 3 months.
2) I will use the deck every day, even if only to shuffle it.
3) I will read the Book of Thoth cover to cover, and look for answers.
4) I will do all my readings with the Thoth.

Caveat: when I fell overwhelmed, I will allow myself to use another deck for a few days. For me, the purpose of the IDS is to study one deck, but not at the detriment of using nothing else.
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Madame Squee 

Hi Everybody,

This morning, I'll be catching up on all the posts I've missed, because I only just popped in yesterday. I'm know particularly interested in delving into Kat's Tarot Tree (post #94).

Plus, I haven't posted my commitment "rules" for this IDS journey yet, so here they are:

I will

1. Keep my IDS commitment beginning this moment until the Autumnal Equinox on September 22.

2. Read exclusively with my IDS Tarot deck, the DruidCraft.

3. Read every day.

4. Keep a journal page for every card and develop my own companion book for my deck by the end of this IDS journey.

5. Use the DruidCraft companion book and other reference materials as necessary.

6. Visit the IDS forums and catch up at least once a day.

7. Stop adding to my Tarot collection.*

8. Ask for handholding when I need it.

9. Extend a hand to whomever asks for it.

*Exception to the rules: I ordered the Steele Wizard this morning with the promise to myself that when it arrives, I will check it and put it away for my next IDS journey (beginning 9/22/08), and this is what caused me to come here and post these rules, because it's easy to make myself these kind of promises, and then talk myself out of them, but it's a little tougher to work my charm on everyone else.

You guys are great!


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Eugenia Madora 

And so it begins:

My Pledge,

1. I will use the DruidCraft exclusively for the next three months
2. I will work with this deck everyday
3. I will keep a journal and dedicate, at least, one page to each card
4. I will get a second deck to trim
5. I will use the Druid Animal Oracle, the Druid Plant Oracle and other
materials to support my study of the DruidCraft
6. I will make a tarot bag and a box for the DruidCraft
7. I will create a special space for this work

My exceptions are that I will take four days to spend with the traveling Noblet and I will ride the trade train.
Any trades will only be checked for completeness and then put away.

It will be great to settle down with one deck and I look forward to reading about everyone's adventures.
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Owl Song 

Welcome again to everyone!

I'm just checking in. The Fairytale and I are getting along swimmingly. I'm not journaling much yet but I am working with the cards on a daily basis. I especially love curling up before bed and reading a couple of the tales. I think I might spend my first few weeks just re-reading ALL of the stories and doing daily draws. I don't feel ready yet to read for other people with the Fairytale although I can read well enough for myself. Soon though!
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I bent a card!

Luckily enough, it was one of the cover cards, but I was still completely horrified. I think I'll take that as a sign that maybe I need to have the Minute laminated or otherwise protected BEFORE I use it any further. Which has left me to ponder what deck I'll be using instead...

I pondered the Universal Waite, but it just doesn't speak to me. Well, no, it does speak, but it doesn't speak the same language I do. I went through all of my deck boxes waiting for something to click, and something finally did.

The first time around, I initially chose the Jean Noblet but let my initial fears sway my decision. Now, I'm right back to it. I will be using the Jean Noblet for the next 3 months minimum. Non-scenic pips no longer terrify me, and I'm looking forward to using a deck that can sort of redefine the way I look at and read tarot.

So, keeper of the list, can you please change my deck to the Jean Noblet? Thank ya!
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Faolainn Storm 

Originally Posted by thorhammer
In my quest to explore the Wheel of Change in sets of cards, I came up against the Court cards. This was fine, as I started with the Disks and I understand that Suit and element quite well, and I could easily apply what I saw in those cards to discussing my own ideas. Plus, I've got those cards a few times in readings, which helps.

The next ones I tackled were the Wands. Problem. You see, in this deck, the creator (IMO) has given the Suit of Wands a very limited spectrum of qualities and energies. Basically, she has limited her discussion of the Wands cards due to her overuse of the word "creative", and having read the book cover to cover (what a major that was!) I must admit to being a little brainwashed about this. So I had to think about Wands and what they mean to me, and especially what this deck's Wands cards say to me.

I journalled my musings on this idea, and I've come up with some extensions of my original (nebulous) understanding of the Wands Suit. It was basically a conversation with myself (hence, I'm not posting it ), but in the end, I decided that Genetti has truncated the power of the Wands by pinning it down with that one word. Mind you, I didn't have much more luck finding words, but then my brain's been fried recently. I came up with notions such as:

life force
spiritual light
divine spark

I pulled out the Majors that I link with the Wands through their imagery alone (as I'm not familiar with the elemental associations of the Majors, and they're probably all changed in this deck anyway!): Magician, Emperor, Strength, Tower, Star, Sun.

Conclusion in my journal:
That which is under the influence of the Wands energy yearns upward, despite the mystery, in search of a higher plane of awareness.
I have to sympathise with you on this. For all that fire is my element (leo with sag rising!!) it has always been the most difficult element for me to come to terms with.
I think the difficulty is the lack of a physical trait to hang it on. The others connect so well - Earth as the body, Air as the mind and Water as the emotions - but that leaves Fire as what??? Intuition? Energy? Vital Energy? Creative Energy? Soul? Spirit? (And there's another conundrum, some people use the term soul, others spirit and some both but as different things ).
Unfortuantely I have yet to work this one out myself, so I can't really help you with your dilemma. Though I must say, I love your list of Fire traits and your conclusion. I may have to steal that line for when I get to the wands suit myself (I'm still slogging through the majors, but finally getting somewhere! YAY!)
I wish you luck with this battle. I'm sure it will fall into place for you. And when it does, please tell us what you find.

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I started my 3rd IDS last night with the Liber T - it does feel like a different study this time round. I picked a card and although it felt like a daily, I didn't focus on getting a card for the day, just a study card.

It gave me the Cup 6, which in the Liber T is, well - lets just say you wouldn't find this image on a RWS or clone deck - but it also fitted in with a thread I'd been reading about decks which are sexual - and now its got me thinking about the Liber T.

For this study again, I have no real rules. I'll just keep going as long as I want but if it turns into a chore then I'll stop the study. I will be using books again, various Thoth and symbolism books and Scion's amazing guide. I'll handle my deck everyday, still try to do the dailies but more importantly start concentrating on the individual cards until I've done them all. I'm not sure if I'll do one a day or two or more but I'll study a card until I think I've got all I need, then I'll move on to another card.

Welcome to all the new faces who have joined us - even if you only do a few weeks of using a deck exclusively, you'll get so much out of it but if you stick it out until the end of your study then you won't ever look back.
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