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The time between when I take/make my own notes for a card (or collection of cards) and when I post them to the Study Group is usually days and has been as long as a couple of weeks.

Post to the study group when you have the time and you feel like it.

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Originally Posted by Prism
, I'm finding it hard to make myself post to the Golden study group. In fact, I'm finding it impossible! But I hope to get back to it
Hi Prism,

I agree with Rodney.

It took me over a month AFTER my first IDS ended to finish posting my notes to the NOVT study don't feel bad.

I agree that it started to feel like work, especially since my journal notes were hand-written and I had to type them into posts...and I also liked to attach the card images. Oy!

I just finally took a few days and did the remainder in one fell swoop. *sigh*

You'll do it when you're ready. Like you said, don't be so hard on yourself.

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Thanks, Rodney and Afrosaxon. I guess I'm kind of afraid of giving up on the Study Group posts entirely, but maybe I'll get a second wind.
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Owl Song 

I feel a bit like I am jumping ship but I've decided to suspend my IDS with the Fairytale.

It's a very conscious choice on my part. I've spent 5 weeks with my deck, exclusively. I've really enjoyed my work with the Fairytale and I will continue to work on the tale summaries, my journal, and I will make the deck one of my warhorse reading decks.

Right now I don't feel confident enough to do readings for others exclusively with the Fairytale and I would like to have a deck readily available that I can use for actual readings for other people. I considered starting a new IDS but I suppose I'd be defeating the purpose as I plan on continuing my study of the Fairytale while I read and work with another deck.

I haven't decided what direction I'll be going but I'm sure I'll figure it out. I cleaned out my Tarot closet. I went from 22 decks to 16. It felt good to scale down. I want to have 4 or 5 decks that I know very well so I will be working on getting to know and enjoy what I have.

I have decided on one thing--absolutely no deck purchases for me, at least until 2009 and probably not until next summer. I don't need any more decks. I am very content with what I have and I want to just enjoy what I already possess. I'm lucky in that I really love each and every deck I own and they are all readable. I have tranquil decks, spiritual decks, whimsical decks, dark decks, traditional and non-traditional decks. I truly don't need any more.

I plan to spend more time on the Your Readings part of the forum, on the exchange part, and on Talking Tarot. More time just reading, reading, reading.

I will still poke my head into this thread from time to time to cheer everyone on.

I know I am ending my IDS early but I have a sense of accomplishment. In these 5 weeks the Fairytale has become more my own deck. I know eventually I will be Fairytale fluent and able to read it and explain the tales with ease. I'm glad I took the time that this deck deserves and will continue to do so.
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Hello all!

I haven't posted here in aaaages! I've barely been able to get near my cards lately. My IDS is not going as planned at all. Hence I'm going to add another month to mine to make up for some lost time. Things are starting to go back to normal here so it will be a lot easier to do some hard work!
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Still stumbling along

Hi Neely,
welcome back. I get the feeling that many people's IDS's aren't going as planned. Tarot studies seem to have a mind of their own I too have added more time to mine - but I haven't even bothered to state how long - just as long as it takes.

Big hugs to everyone who is experiencing a life wobble right now. (Do you think there is something in the air? So many people seem to be going through a rough patch. Or does it just feel like that because people who are feeling sunny tend not to say so - they just shine quietly )

Promise, I can so understand your need for a comfort deck. Would it work for you if you continued the IDS, but allowed yourself the comfort deck as well? That is more or less what I am doing. My boyfriend has suddenly started having fits, which is rather scary and I have found the need to turn to other, well known, decks soemtimes to balance the bits of life that are spent in A&E or watching Rob sleeping and resisting the urge to poke him to make sure he's still alive . There is something about oracle decks which I find very comforting at moments like this.

So, under the circumstances, I am cutting myself some slack and so long as I don't actually give up studying the Llewellyn, then I allow myself to draw from other decks at times of crisis.

I have done nearly all the pips now - just the 10 of Wands to go. Then I'm going to do the courts and the majors. So the end is in sight.


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Even though people are ending their IDS's early - I bet you've all learned something so nothing has been wasted.

Sometimes real life does get in the way and you don't have the energy to commit to one deck when others are calling you and maybe decks that you use as comfort decks. When I did the IDS with the Tarot of the Old Path, I had the Morgan Greer waiting in the wings which was my comfort deck at that time.

Its different this time, the Liber T is my comfort deck, so I don't have another to run to LOL

I've cut down my reading a little, I too have a few things happening at home so don't have the time to spend with my deck, I try to handle daily even if I don't read - sometimes just to sit and watch TV and shuffle is enough. But I do read the jumpers if I get them.

I haven't been posting my dailies or readings either - I'll have to try to get back on track with those.
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Interesting how life has caught up with everyone.

I ended up taking an IDS break this month - I didn't particularly want to work with the 8 of Wands, and put it off. It just seemed so blah after the other eights. That being said, I finally wrote it up, and posted it.

An interesting thing happen when I turned to the deck to say "what next?" I had decided to look at the first trump that came up, and the first new number card. The first several cards that came up were number cards that I'd already done (!), but then up came the Lovers... and a couple of other trumps and courts - then the 6 of Cups! I thought that was interesting that they have the same numbers.

Looking through the 6s, I see that it's going to be a trial for me to make myself sit down and write them up. The only card of the 4 that interests me is the 6 of Swords, so this will be another test of my fortitude. Perhaps after this I should just make a pile of my least favorite cards, and do those first to get them out of the way? Must cogitate... I'm considering extending my IDS, because it's very unlikely that I'm going to be through with the cards by the end of Sept - there is just too much life happening - studying Japanese, my business, etc etc etc. If I manage to do 4 cards a week, I'd be done with them all by US Thanksgiving in the end of November.
I just spent some time juggling dates and numbers of cards/week, and I'm going to attempt to just sit my butt down and do a card a day for a while. Certainly I can do that???

Hugs to all my IDS buddies...
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Good to read that I'm not the only one who hasn't done as much with the IDS as I wanted to. This week I've barely looked at the cards at all. I've been trying to focus on some "real life things" that need to get done. It's always a constant juggling act to find time to do everything I want to do. Maybe I'll have a little time this weekend.

Welcome back, Neely!

Hang in there you guys.
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I knew I hadn't done much with my IDS lately, but it's been 8 days since I sat down here in the study to work with my deck! Wow.

Six of the last 8 days I've been going through the treasure trove of decks that I got from an ATer who's whittling down her collection. A total of 51 decks and oracles. I've spent the week separating the items into "duplicates" and "don't have" piles, then putting the cards in order to make sure the decks were complete and finally updating my spreadsheets. I'm all done with the tarots, but still have to enter the oracles into their spreadsheet.

I've been so involved with that that I didn't even open either of the new decks that arrived Mon and Wed until tonight. I didn't put a limitation on my ability to handle other decks during my second IDS with the same deck, but even just checking everything to make sure it's complete and cataloging took almost the whole week.

But I'm going to buckle down tonight and finish the constellation of the 2s and hopefully start the constellation of the 3s.

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