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Originally Posted by Cat*
And a general thanks for a great exchange of perspectives and approaches that managed to stay respectful all around. All of you have made my world a better place.
LOL That's nice to hear since outside this thread some things have gotten a bit angsty and disempowering Nice compliment.

\m/ Kat
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Originally Posted by rwcarter

Do what I did - offer readings in the Personal Readings and/or Readings and Exchanges Forum(s). I've done two so far and have gotten very self-empowering feedback about the readings I've done. Number three (and the largest yet at 16 cards) is tonight. (So why am I on the forums? Decompressing after a long, hard day at work. A glass of wine's going to help that too. Then I'll do the shuffling and laying out of the cards even if I don't get the interpretation finished. )

I have done a few in the forums. I should do more when I have more time. I'm really getting more practice among family and friends (offline) atm. Life's about to get busier as my daughter starts back to school on Monday. I'll have to be in the real world more.
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I'm thinking of ending my study with the Liber T - I'm so comfortable with this deck now that I'm getting itchy for other decks. I know I haven't learned all I can from the Liber T but its opened my eyes to other types of reading that I want to explore with other decks.

I've had a think and a good look through my collection and only one deck has come to mind that I really want to work with - the Bohemian Gothic - I know its a RWS clone (I've tried so hard to break away from RWS) but the BG is very different in feel. The cards are wide open for intuitive reading, it's a simpler deck than the Liber T but I think it will give me the challenge I'm looking for. I was hoping to last the 12 months but it is time to start a new study and the Dark Sister has appealed to me.

I've been thinking for a while now that I'm not really studying the Liber T anymore, its always with me and feels part of me now, I read it - and so it will be my comfort deck for when the Dark Sister gets on my nerves.

So for now at least, my IDS with the Liber T is suspended and I'm moving over to IDS'ing with the Bohemian Gothic for a while.
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Originally Posted by Emily
So for now at least, my IDS with the Liber T is suspended and I'm moving over to IDS'ing with the Bohemian Gothic for a while.
*Applause! Applause all round!*

Good for you, Emily! I must say this is rocking my Universe because as long as I've been around here, you've been a "Liber T Devotee" , but I'm so pleased that you're challenging yourself. What a brilliant move

\m/ Kat

P.S. I think it's mostly hype, all the scariness don't worry about it!
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Hi Kat,

I think its time - I've been getting itchy about other decks for a couple of weeks now but nothing has interested me. I need something really different after using the Liber T for all this time.

I'm hoping that the BG will give me that challenge - I'm not doing a long study, only a couple of months - I mainly want to see if my reading style has improved/changed and the artwork of the BG has appealed to me.

Its been an interesting morning, when I first opened the deck again and had a really good look at it, I wondered if I'm doing the right thing but after a couple of really positive readings, I think I am. We'll see.
(I'll be keeping the Liber T close by though, just in case I need a friendly face lol)
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Easing back in...

Hi all,

I am easing my way back into my IDS with the Daughters of the Moon. I need to finish that deck because I got three new ones in the mail today!

I was on the last card of the Flames [Wands] suit in DOM when I took a break, and I'd already finished the Cups. Two more suits to go, then the majors, then I'll take another break and get into one of my new ones:

--Deviant Moon (YES!!)
--World Spirit (I've had it for a month or so, but I still haven't studied it properly)
--Gilded Tarot (finally!)
--Bral Talej (this one is going to be's kinda tarot, but not. 111 cards in the deck, all with keywords. The first 22 cards are the closest thing to tarot in that they represent the majors, but the other 89 cards are just drawings and keywords--no suits distinctions. The drawings are more like reproductions of abstract paintings, and are rather pretty. ).

And I still need to get through the Gaian (shouldn't take's majors-only right now).

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Didn't realize you were just taking a break from the DOM. I thought you were done with them. on not letting the deck get the better of you!

Bral Talej does indeed sound interesting, but I think it would drive me batty(ier than I already am)!

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Hey Friends,
I committed to completing and IDS with the Pearls of Wisdom from Summer Solstice to Lughnasah. I did that and even a few extra days. Now I am taking some time away from working with only the Pearls through Samhain and the Feast of All Souls. This was my original Plan and I am happy to do this.

I still will continue to study the Pearls but not exclusively. This gives me the opportunity to access what was working for me and what was not. I believe I might pick up the Pearls again at Yule but it is more likely I will wait until Candlemas as the Pearls are very intense and I need to keep clear of that intensity during the next several months. It is possible I may need to return to a less busy, more simplistic deck before I continue IDS with the Pearls. Universal Waite? Ator Tarot? International Icon? Gummy Bear?

I learned a lot about myself as a reader during this study. Some things made me feel confident but I also observed some areas which can be greatly improved through further study. Since I will still be studying, although not intensively, I would like to keep subscribing and occasionaly posting to this thread.

Good luck to all who are continuing their IDS. My good thoughts are with you.


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Just to let you people know: I appreciate the updates about all the IDS changes/endings/re-enterings so I can keep the list (linked in the first post of this thread), well, updated. I'm doing so to the best of my understanding but if I get/got anything wrong, please let me know.
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Welcome back, afrosaxon Nice to have you here. You're a right trooper, you are.

shamoness ~ Good on you! It's so nice when you achieve something, isn't it? When you set out to do something and see it through . . . it's like hugging yourself. We'd love to have you pop in every now and then to say hi

Cat* ~ Thankyou so much for keeping up with the list I did it last time but I think I really did lose track of things and you're doing a bang-up job!

I can feel myself building toward getting into the Fourth Level of the TArot Tree - The God cycle, which follows the solar sabbats of the pagan Wheel of the Year. It is resonating with me because of the change in season here in Perth; it's getting lighter and the weather is unsettled, changeable. I can identify with the cycle represented in the God level. I have a book called Wheel of the Year, by Teresa Moorey and Jane Brideson, about celebrating and honouring the Wheel, and it's really helping me to deepen my connection to this Level of the Tarot Tree. Very interesting I'm enjoying it a lot, though it's more about contemplation at the moment than a really driven study.

I continue to be amazed when I lay out the cards how clearly I read them. It's a truly special (speshul?? ) feeling, and when I put it here, in words, it just doesn't do it justice. You might think, "Well, DUH!!!!", but it's more than that. Of course an intensive study will improve one's skills with a deck. But this is different. Deeper. It's like we're talking the same language. And I'm really enjoying that and honouring it.

\m/ Kat
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