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Hi Neely,

Sorry to hear about your loss. Your cards, your IDS and your friends at AT will all be here whenever you're ready. Take care of you.

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Neely ~ sorry about your sadness Please know that there are people sending you soft waves of love to rest upon

Don't worry about your IDS, it will still be there when you're ready for the cards again.

\m/ Kat
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I'm so sorry Neely! We will be waiting for you, when you feel prepared to return. IDS has started great, although i haven't done much yet. But just touching the cards and looking at them make me feel better.

I've done yesterday a reading about my father, and it was incredibly accurate! It's been a long time since a reading made complete sense to me like that.

My only complaint so far is the absurd flimsiness of the Aquarian Tarot . I had wrap it in my reading cloth AND to put in a sturdier bag so it won't get crooked everytime i carry in my backpack for too long. I've read somewhere that USG decks have been having some problems with their card stock.

Anyway, i'm still loving the deck!

Also, i've been using this deck a LOT with my Luman deck. It's fantastic. One deck so 'white-ish' and the other so colorful, they have nothing to do, but they read so well together.
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Hooked on TdM 

Neely take care of yourself, the IDS won't be going anywhere. I hope you find closure for the situation.

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I'm sorry to hear of your loss.

Take care of you. We'll be here when you get back!

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RL definitely trumps IDS at a time like this. Go and do what you need to - the IDS can wait.

Hugs, Sravana
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Originally Posted by Faolainn Storm

PolarBear, first, sorry I haven't responded sooner, I've been studying hard and not on the net. Second there are three seperate books:
"Hallowquest: Tarot Magic and the Arthurian Mysteries" isbn 0-85030-963-8
"The Arthurian Tarot Course: A Quest for All Seasons" isbn 1-85538-258-X
"Hallowquest: The Arthurian Tarot Course" isbn 0-7225-3448-5
However all three companion book have been out of print since the mid 90's so you'll have to look for them second-hand. If you can only get one I suggest the third one as it contains most of the information from the first two.

Thanks Faolainn - I live in York and we have a plethora of second hand books here, so I'll look out for these.

I am still plugging away with the Llewellyn. I'm doing the dreaded court cards at the moment!

I have slipped off the wagon ocasionally, - usually to the Druid Animal Oracle. I find that the Tarot is great for asking questions, but when I need some general support - I end up going for an oracle. It's something to do with the fact that with this deck, I can imagine the animals actually being with me to lend support.
I guess the Tarot offers advice - the Druid Animal Oracle offers warm fuzzies!
If I were starting an IDS again, I would write a "comfort oracle" into my pledge. Knowing that I'm not supposed to be using even the DAO, means that I feel like I've broken my diet and it can be hard to get back on the straight and narrow. Kinda like the tarot equivalent of "I've had one biscut, I might as well snaffle thw whole pack!"


Polar Bear
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Quantum James 

Hi everyone,

My first week of IDS is almost over and I am happy with how it has gone. I think I am starting to attune nicely to my Liber T, and I am learning a great deal. Its such an amazing deck - its intense, yet gentle at the same time. When I get bad news in a reading, it feels like a comforting warning rather than a rebuke or ill omen. I have been reading everyday and journaling a card from that reading with varying degrees of depth. Some days I really connect with a card, writing a lot, some days I scratch my head in confusion.

I made an interesting discovery with the 4 of cups which I posted here:

I realized that although the LWB book is very short I just LOVE the Liber T key words and concepts in the LWB - it all just clicks beautifully for me. In many ways its much better than the traditional Thoth keywords IMHO. Negrini knows his stuff of this there is no doubt.

Has anyone tried the spread that is described in the LWB? I think i will give that a try shortly, it seems interesting...

In the Light,
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Hello all,

I think I'm finished with my Golden IDS. We're breaking up a little sooner than expected, but it's been two months, and I think we'll always be good friends. I feel the Scapini calling me, and I want to at least take a look at the other decks I've bought. I guess I just want to sow some wild oats.

Good luck to everyone!

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See ya, Prism! We might catch up with you, Scapini in hand, soon?

QJ, glad to hear that you're enjoying the Liber T. I read all posts about that deck voraciously

PolarBear - I know what you mean about the biscuit thing! I think I've fallen off the wagon, with all my new arrivals! I now have the Luman deck at work and am drawing a card daily from it. But it works so completely differently to any Tarot that I really find it hard to compare.

I did the Aces a few days ago, and now I've only got the Threes and Tarot Tree Level Five to go. I might then have a wee while with whatever decks take my fancy, before diving into something else. I just got the Vikings from franniee and while the art is a bit sloppy, I read through the whole LWB last night (the English bit, anyway LOL) and I am so impressed with the way that the creators associated deities with the cards. Ahem! Off topic, I know, just had to say something

\m/ Kat
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