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Doggie Tarot

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Oh, I love it! This might be my favorite card so far, among a charming set of cards!!! Let's see ... what card could you do with a greyhound or Italian greyhound?
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This is SOOO cute... and it looks so much like my little "Taco" Chi
I think you have captured the "hoarding" aspect of this breed!

Case in point:
My little Taco (my youngest Chi) sleeps in a white antique bassinet next to my bed.
I check under his blankies (a word?) now and then to see just "how many"
doggie treats he has hoarded! The last time I looked, I found about 2 lbs of treats
hoarded by him. He only weighs about 2 lbs! ...and he had a terrible
fit when I took most of them away! ... too funny!

I can hardly wait until you finish your Doggie Deck...PLEASE let me know.
List me!

Will keep checking back here to see the different breeds you add in the future...

Love it!

Originally Posted by Callistabell
Oh, the site locked up on me last night. Here it is. I wasn't quite sure where this little Chihuahua would be having his stand off. I thought in a park, facing down bigger dogs threatening to take the bones???? A city park, a tough little city chihuahua. No one around manu e manu...well, dogu e dogu.
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My chi hordes his toys and I find them in my bed! Which would be cute if they weren't covered in slobber.

I can't believe how cute this deck is!
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I love this deck....the hoarding Chi is so ADORABLE!!!

Thanks for posting these, and I look forward to seeing more....maybe even a published version someday???

We have a handsome-yet-goofy German Shepherd who keeps us laughing....
dogs are awesome, wonderful companions.
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Oh, wow. The doggie-love-of-my-life, Simon, is a German Shephard. (Don't tell my new puppy that I referred to Simon like that. I love my new puppy sooo much too.) Simon was my first dog with my husband. We adopted him a month before we got married, and what a companion! Sleeping at the foot of my bed. Giving me sympathy through my pregnancy and morning sickness. (No cable tv, no job, just me and him.) One of the most special relationships I've ever had. I called him "Tomba", and the fool card is based on him. I titled it "the Mutt", but he's a pure bred sable GShep (no black saddle). I'm going to change it to The Stray. It fits better as the fool card anyway. --so says my husband, too.
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These are lovely
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Thanks Lillie.

I've chosen a Westie for the Magician. Take a look. Suits included, My plan is Frisbees, bones, bowls, and leads.

I might want to go with just "disks" so I can include hoop images, and champion ribbons with the large circle faces. "Frisbees" might be too confining, but I just love the title "King of Frisbees". Also, I had to think on what would replace swords, I like leads/leashes because of the control and order.

(JPEG removed)
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Hooked on TdM 

Oh these are just getting better and better! I would love to add my name to the list of I want a deck! LOL

The leashes.. lol reminds me of my Cougie. She is a cross of Short haired Border Collie and Malamute or something along those lines. She has short but thick black hair, with a heart on her chest in all white, but the body of a Collie, cute curled right over tail and adorable half flipped over ears. Well put a leash on her and OMG! She turns into this evil sled dog! She has dragged me into traffic, four foot ditches, across ice you name it. I had to get a gentle leader to walk her! Even then she still tries to pull me. I'm sure we are hilarious to watch. She's normally such a sweet dog till you put a leash on her! ARG! So leashes could be lot's of fun! lmao

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Wow. Shiny.

these are wonderful so far! i think my fave is the king of frisbees, but all of them show a lot of talent... deft use of expression and color so that you get a load of characterization from such deceptively simple drawings. i think they'd be pretty straightforward to read with.

plus... i mean... dogs! how can you go wrong? i work with the general public - most days, i think dogs are better than people. easier to deal with, anyway. heh.

add me to the list of people lusting after this deck if/when you complete it. i bet it would start out as a "just for fun" deck... and then every so often it'd knock you flat with a reading that takes your breath away. let us know, okay?

seriously seriously. i'd even consider buying a 'king of frisbees' print. he's so utterly happy!
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Wow! Thank you so much. You guys are blowing me away with the amazing support. You're also spurring me onward to do several cards a day. I'll totally start a list and keep on truckin'. (I'm soooo warm and fuzzy now, honestly.)

p.s. I worked with the general public once too. And dogs are like angels by comparison.
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