Two New Spreads for Friday the 13th!

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Two New Spreads for Friday the 13th!

Sometimes, Friday the 13th makes me feel in a Halloween kind of mood. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

Anyway, since I was feeling in a Halloween mood today, I thought up two spreads that have a kind of a mysterious or spooky feel about them!

The first one is called the Afraid of the Dark Spread - it uses two cards:

1. What are you araid of? Deep down, inside yourself - where you donít look very often, what is it that you are really afraid of that you wonít admit even to yourself.

2. What will turn on the light? What can make this secret fear go away, to make you feel more at peace within yourself - or what will reveal this fear to you.

Here is a graphic of this spread:

The second spread is called The Magic Cauldron - it uses four cards:

1. Whatís in the pot? The current situation or the problem at hand.

2. What stirs the pot? What influences this situation or problem - something that agitates it in some way.

3. What needs to be added?What can you do to enhance the situation or problem - to make that brew taste better!

4. What comes out of the pot? The end result, how the situation will develop or how the problem will work out in the end.

Here is a graphic for the Magic Cauldron spread showing the layout:

I haven't tried the Cauldron Spread yet but in honor of the Halloween feeling I have today I used the Halloween Tarot for the Afraid of the Dark spread.

There is more detail and the interpretation of the Halloween Tarot with the Afraid of the Dark spread on my blog!
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these look FAScinating! you know, to use on other people...


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These are great! Thanks for sharing them.
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